#spoonieragecomiccontest WINNER!

Alright, a month is up and we have our winner! Congratulations to Claire at Living, Being, Doing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

I’ll be in contact with you soon to get you your prize!

Stay tuned for more posts about living with chronic illness, contests, reviews, and BIG NEWS.


Non-Crazy Diet Tips for Fighting Fatigue!

You guys really really like non-crazy diet ideas. I’ve got one more up my sleeve!

When I was in college, I started to notice that I felt really tired all the time no matter how much sleep I got. I slept more and more, always getting a full 8 hours and napping during the day, but I never seemed to feel fully awake! Thanks to advice from all my girl friends, I realized that this fatigue was not really a sleep-related problem*, and that there were lots of ways to feel more awake and alert WITHOUT reaching for a coke or a coffee.


Eat snacks/small meals throughout the day

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The Spoonie Experiment: A New Series

Hey all! I’m excited to announce another new, ongoing series here at Do I Look Sick: The Spoonie Experiment!

One of my favorite sites on the whole internet is The Spoony Experiment. It’s a series of movie and video game reviews that has absolutely nothing to do with the term “spoonie” as we know it. However, the site’s host, Noah, is himself a spoonie who just happened to take the nickname “Spoony” long before his medical issues arose.

Noah, otherwise known as “The Spoony One” or just “Spoony,” has a nerve condition called vasodepressor syncope (which, like my condition, endometriosis, is still unrecognized by my spell check) which causes fainting after the heart squeezes too hard during elevated bpms. This causes circulation problems, leading the body to collapse.

Despite this recent hardship, Noah has continued to write and film reviews. His website has become one of the most popular video game/movie review sites on the net. His fame has snagged him appearances speaking at conventions, covering video game expos, winning all kinds of awards, and becoming a God among internet reviewers.

His most popular posts are his video reviews and playthroughs. He essentially sits down and plays through entire video games, all while recording hilarious commentary a la Mystery Science Theater 3000. He even has a robot companion! His videos generally run about 30 minutes each, and a playthrough is more than long enough to occupy a sick day in bed and keep you laughing. My personal favorites are his Ripper playthrough (Christopher Walken is in this video game, that’s all you need to know), the infamous SWAT playthrough (this was the first Spoony series I ever saw, it’s a good place to start), and of course, the thing that got him famous, his scathing reviews of the final fantasy games.

Spoony has kept me laughing through the worst of times, and kept me company through the best of times. Though I’ve never interacted with him personally, I have his videos on almost daily. I watch while I’m sick, I listen while I’m sewing, I even like to watch them when I’m having a warm bath or trying to fall asleep. That’s why I’d like to name my new series after him.

It was actually my husband who first noticed the ties between Spoony and spoonies. He suggested I do a spoof of Noah’s show for my blog sometime. That was the original plan, but when I added it to my ever-growing list of blog post ideas, I saw a better idea. There are TONS of movies and TV shows I’ve been wanting to write about – movies that have some sort of message about invisible illness, whether positive or negative. As a screenwriter, professional filmmaker, and chronically ill spoonie, I never just watch a movie. I talk through the whole thing, making jokes to my cat, and I inevitably tie the whole plot in to living with illness.

So I put two and two together, and decided to start doing reviews a la The Spoony One, but only talk about the way invisible illness is portrayed in the media. I’m hoping to make funny videos like Noah, but I may do some written reviews too. In the mean time, I encourage you to check out his site – whether you’re a nerd or not, there’s something on there for everyone. A fair warning though – there’s quite a bit of language!

I hope you guys are excited about this new series, and I’d be happy to hear any suggestions of movies, games, or TV shows that you think I should talk about. First on my list:


REPO! The Genetic Rock Opera