#spoonieragecomiccontest WINNER!

Alright, a month is up and we have our winner! Congratulations to Claire at Living, Being, Doing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

I’ll be in contact with you soon to get you your prize!

Stay tuned for more posts about living with chronic illness, contests, reviews, and BIG NEWS.


Invisible Illness Rage Comic Contest!!!

You don’t see rage comics around as much these days, and that makes me sad. I love a good rage comic.

What’s a rage comic, you ask?

It’s a comic strip made from a series of pre-drawn expressions of various emotions– oh nevermind. I’ll just show you!




So yes. These little characters can be strung together with doodles to convey little weird slices of life. So I thought WE NEED INVISIBLE ILLNESS RAGE COMICS.


You can make your very own rage comics by clicking here!

There’s only one rule: your comic must be about living with invisible/chronic illness.

You can submit as many times as you like!

Just make your comic, save it, and post it on instagram or twitter using the hashtag #SpoonieRageComicContest by March 20th! You have ONE MONTH! Use it well!

What will you win? Your pick of any item from the Official DoILookSick Store!

So hop to it!

Here’s my chronic illness rage comic for inspiration:

rage comic chronic illness cyst medicine doctor

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

An Unexpected Package

Remember how my blog won Best in Show for this year’s Wego Health Activist Awards?

I know you’re all like “WE KNOW, RACHEL. Your blog is great, WE GET IT.” But hold on! Because I super didn’t expect to win. And when I was nominated, I super didn’t expect to get a care package of goodies including a Health Activist t-shirt. At that point I was like “Wowee kazowie! I didn’t think I’d get a super official shirt to wear! This is AWESOME and can’t get better!”

THEN I won, which was crazy. I feel like this blog is so little in the internet world. And I did look to see if there was a prize or anything, but I somehow concluded that the prize was the exposure. And I got a LOT of exposure! Blog views were great and my twitter EXPLODED and everything was awesome!

So life went on. I felt my blog was validated and happily continued writing. When my dad got sick and had to have open heart surgery for an ascending aortic aneurism, I found myself spending a lot of time in a hospital with craptacular wifi or at home watching my little sister while my mom was away with dad.

At day 6 of this hospital caregiving life, I was feeling pretty worn out. I’m only 11 weeks pregnant but I’m out of breath all the time, and my head was killing me when I got home from another long day.

And there was this package there from Wego Health. I opened it and pulled out the congratulatory letter. Attached was a playlist for Health Activists, which I thought was such a fun idea. I thought “Maybe they made a mix CD for the winners!” and was pretty excited by that notion.

So imagine my face when I pulled this out:



Wego Health is an awesome organization that is really serious about not only connecting health activists, but rewarding them and encouraging them to keep going! Keep blogging, keep tweeting, it DOES make a difference! I was just beside myself. It was like my blog just Pinocchio’d into a REAL thing.

This just made my week. And it’s been a really hard week.

On top of that, Dad is coming home today! Life isn’t completely back to normal yet, but we can see it getting there.

Normal or not, life is good.

WINNER of the Two Bipolar Chicks giveaway!

Hello all! Did you enjoy the sportsing yesterday?

I see that many of you popped in to see (I presume) who won the book giveaway! Either that or you all got bored during the halftime show. 😉 Well, the wait is over! Continue reading