Wish Night North Texas 2018

Last night was the most magical night of the year – Wish Night! Wish Night is a fundraising gala for the Make a Wish foundation. Long time readers will know that I have had a long relationship with the Make a Wish foundation that started when my little sister was granted a wish at 5 years old after a brain tumor and two brain surgeries. In my adult life, I’ve worked on videos for the Make a Wish Foundation and we attend Wish Night as many years as possible, where we love participating in the silent auction.

In all these years, though, I realized I haven’t done a blog post about it and I’d like to remedy that right now.


I’m always excited to get dressed up, it’s pretty rare for me. This year the theme was “Sparks of Joy,” and a wish was actually granted AT wish night – a sweet girl wished to go to Disney World and meet her favorite princess, Aurora. At Wish Night, she found out her wish was going to come true, and the news was delivered by the Good Fairies and a whole host of Disney Princesses, who she then got all to herself to talk to and play with as long as she liked.

33035988_10211388844738596_3367630715163246592_oSo yeah, basically it’s the best night ever, and yes, you will cry a lot.

Last year there was a little girl they interviewed (who also wished to go to Disney) and when asked who her favorite princess was, she said Rapunzel because her hair is so long and pretty, and she can’t have hair because of her cancer treatments.

It’s mostly a lot of drinking and crying. For a really good cause.

Each year, a diamond company sponsors the event. It’s Helzberg Diamonds right now, and it used to be Zales. And each year, there are these adorable “wish bears” you can buy, and they’re always holding a little pouch for jewlery, but we’ve gifted them holding all sorts of goodies for all ages.


And we’ve owned and gifted way too many diamond bears to count. Also, every year they have the kids do art for part of the silent auction. Back when I was a kid, it was mostly paintings, and occasionally pottery. Now there’s all manner of crafts, this year the kids dyed scarves, did glass jewelry, and pottery and paintings. When I was a kid, my design made it to a Zales bear. I even got to be on the Today Show to promote it!


A couple of years ago my brother in law got us Make A Wish bears for Christmas, which I thought was really thoughtful and I might have cried about it. This post is a lot more about crying than I thought it’d be.

Make a Wish is a really, really awesome charity and if you can donate, please do. Here’s a link to the North Texas Chapter, but they do great work all over the country. And the wish bears make great gifts as well, especially if you know someone who’s been touched by childhood illness.

Make a Wish does awesome things. See?



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