CT Scan: A Tragedy in Five Acts

I can’t believe this post was 5 years ago! Have I really been blogging that long?

I’m reblogging it today because my husband recently had to have one and it reminded me of how much I HATE CT SCANS. Once again, it came back normal, cost hundreds of dollars, second verse, same as the first. I know that’s a *good* thing, but in the search for health answers (and trying not to go into foreclosure) it’s pretty discouraging.

Yes, I’m still salty. CT scans can go suck an egg.

Do I Look Sick?

As I’ve been mentioning, things are not well in Rachel-land. While I love my new job and my new life in Dallas, the many changes have wreaked havoc on me health wise. I’ve been hurting, popping pills, and getting angsty as the word “surgery” enters my mind. While I have written in the midst of pain before, I thought it would be interesting to try something new today – instead of writing about my fears and pain in the moment, perhaps I should write about another time I was miserable. I can still be as negative as I want, but also take my mind off my current state.

I have briefly mentioned the time I had a CT scan – noting that it was a “5 act Shakespearian tragedy that is a whole nother post.” Time to deliver on that promise.

SETTING: A little less than a year ago, when…

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