Halloween Means Family. Family Means…

No monster gets left behind, or forgotten.

Just a quick update because

  1. Do I Look Sick has a new look! Go to our homepage and behold!
  2. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I’m not just going to not show you our family’s costumes.

Earlier this year, my toddler’s favorite Disney movie was Lilo and Stitch, in the blissful days before he discovered Cars and we subsequently watched nothing else. Ever. But even though Stitch isn’t his favorite, he was still excited to don a Stitch suit and spend a weekend pointing at his own tummy and saying “Stitch!”

And really, he is Stitch. He’s adorable, but can’t help but destroy everything he sees. His badness levels are unusually high for someone his size. He’s irresistibly drawn to large cities, where he will back up sewers, reverse street signs, and steal everyone’s left shoe.

So of course, Dada had to be Stitch’s creator, Jumba.

There was some nightmare fuel involved.

And I was Jumba’s life partner (IT’S CANON, they use that term in the anime. WHICH YOU SHOULD GO WATCH RIGHT NOW, it’s all on dailymotion) Pleakley.

And our littlest baby was Reuben, Stitch’s (technically older) brother who most people just know as Experiment 625 or “the one who makes sandwiches.”

Enjoy the cuteness! Not everyone has watched as much Lilo and Stitch as me (three movies and two TV series, I’m 1 TV special away from having seen IT ALL. Because if your Toddler likes something and there’s a lot of it, that’s better than watching a movie over and over and over… *side eyes at Cars*) but for people who didn’t recognize us, they did say “oh look at the monster family!” which works fine for Halloween.

Stay tuned! I’m working on getting some cool new interactive tools for you guys (hence the website makeover) that I’m really excited about. In the mean time, be AWAP! (as well as possible)

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