#LemonFaceChallenge for PCOS!

I’ve been nominated by a lot of awesome ladies to do the #LemonFaceChallenge for PCOS awareness! Many, many apologies that it took me FOR-EV-ER to get to it!

This fun, easy challenge was devised by the wonderful PCOSgurl, a twitter account you should definitely be following by the way. Why lemons? Because women with PCOS are getting a “sour deal,” and when life gives you lemons? Make lemonade.

But Queen Bey has the monopoly on the #carwindowsmashchallenge so let’s stick with the lemon face. Mine’s pretty tame. As kids my sisters and I would see who could remain the most straight-faced while eating a lemon, and not to brag, I was pretty good at that game.

Anyway, I do have PCOS. I’ve shared my story here before, but I’ll sum it up real quick: while being treated for endo, Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS was mentioned in passing, but I didn’t learn much about it until we started trying to have a baby. One symptom of PCOS is irregular periods, and no period means no egg was released, which means no baby. Over two years, we tried a few kinds of fertility medication, at home injections to stimulate the release of an egg, and finally an IUI which resulted in our first son, Junior.

The upside? Hey, no need for birth control, right? Yeah no… because with PCOS, your body can release eggs, just you know… randomly. When it feels like it. Which resulted in our second (surprise!) son, Finny.

And of course, having both PCOS and endometriosis means that periods are god-awful (when they show up) ((which is completely unpredictable)). And frankly, normal periods are a “sour deal” all by themselves that half the world is cursed with. Let’s not play. I mean sure, it’s a beautiful, life-giving miracle, but so is labor and they both suck. So on top of having to have periods in general, PCOS is an extremely sour deal.

Also, having PCOS and IBS means that my relationship with food is rocky. Appetite comes and goes, and it’s really, really difficult for me to gain weight. I’ve been underweight for much of my life. I had a baby a month ago and I’m down to my “healthy” weight, but before I got pregnant I was 10 lbs underweight so

To find out more about PCOS and the lemon face challenge, check out PCOSchallenge.org . I hereby challenge all of YOU to snap a quick pic or video of you taking a big sour bite of lemon and link to your social media/blog posts in the comments!

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