Why?? The Most Graphic Probiotic Branding

I will sing the praises of probiotics all the day long. I gave myself IBS with antibiotics and probiotics are what makes me well again. If anyone mentions to me that some food didn’t agree with them, or they’ve lost their appetite, or that they haven’t been eating well, I’m never shy about recommending probiotics as if I get a commission for selling them.

That being said… probiotics are super gross if you let yourself think about it. “Live Cultures?” Yeah, that’s not exactly conjuring images of anything I’m ok with putting in my mouth.



So whether I take a probiotic pill, snack on some healthful yogurt, or drinking kombucha like a hippie, I try very hard not to think about what probiotics actually are and just focus on that “mmmm, I’m doing something good for my body” feeling.

Unfortunately, sometimes misguided marketing just won’t let me do that.


You’re not making it sound any better.


The ULTIMATE in tiny germ bugs!


As in my inner…ecosystem? EW.


That’s the sound you make while you try to drink it.


Great, now the creatures in my gut are forming religious groups.


Could you make “LIVE” a little bigger?


“L’il Critters?!” Are you kidding me??

What’s really scary is that a group of people went through different ideas and agreed THAT was the best name.

Have you seen any health product names that make you go “hmmmmmm?” Share in the comments!

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