MFW: Chronic Illness Edition

I love MFW (my face when) reaction gif blogs, so here’s mine. 😉

My body whenever I don’t perfectly balance every aspect of my life:


When I’m trying to function while sick/drugged vs. on a good day:


MFW I think I’ve finally joined the world of the living:


When you’ve completely forgotten social graces:


When your illness/latest surgery/medication comes up at a family gathering:


When you start to enjoy being a hermit:


When you decide to eat something delicious that you know will make you feel bad:


The aftermath of that decision:


When you use your precious energy stores to go out with friends but it turns out to be super lame:


When you see your doctor and he asks what your health goals are:


Your doctor’s response:


When you covertly try to take medicine while eating:


When you can tell your illness is about to flare up and someone asks what’s wrong:


When you suggest an approach to treatment you’ve researched well and feel would be a good fit, and your doctor’s just like:


When you try to politely cancel plans while your body falls apart:


When you’re actually feeling pretty well for a while, and have no excuse when you f*** up:


When you inevitably discover your spirit animal is…


When people are too excited to relate to you when they find out you have chronic illness:


When someone actually succeeds in being helpful to you while you’re sick:


When you’re on your way to the ER:


When people start trying to figure out what you did to get a chronic illness:


When you step out of your home into the public realm:


When you can stay calm during your health disasters:


When you find a friend who loves you, illness and all:


And when you get to enjoy things twice as much as healthy people because you’ve been down so long:


4 thoughts on “MFW: Chronic Illness Edition

  1. This is hilarious! I loved the Anne Hathaway gif. That’s so me at the doctor. He’s not there, I’m moaning, he’s in, I’m trying to act like a human being and not an animal- probably should let him see me my animal state. I can tell you put A LOT of work into this, and it was so much fun! 🙂

  2. Thank you… I mean fucking thank you. I have been in remission for a bit well OK lying to myself about still being in remission and this shit cracked me all the way up!!! I thank you! !

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