Endometriosis Gene?

There’s been a lot of news lately about some possible breakthroughs in Endometriosis research that point to genetic disposition to the disease. Here’s a few good articles on the cutting edge of these developments:

Mutations in Imprinted Gene May Be Linked to Endometriosis

New Genetic Discoveries in Endometriosis

Genetics of Endometriosis

While this may not immediately point to a cure, it does open up more possibilities for diagnosis. Endometriosis is common but extremely under diagnosed, partly because many women believe pain is normal for them. Diagnosing more cases will not only help more people but also draw more attention to how far-reaching this epidemic is, and that will lead to more funding, more research, better treatments, and someday, a cure!

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month, so educate yourself and share with others! Awareness is our most powerful weapon to combat this disease right now. Spread the word!


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