Endometriosis Awareness Month TweetChat!

Hey friends! Were you wondering when I’d get back to invisible illness blogging? 😉

This month is Endometriosis Awareness Month! WEGO Health has invited me to host a twitter chat about it tomorrow, March 8th, at 3:00 PM EST!

Want to join in or just watch? Just go to twubs.com or tweetchat.com and enter the hashtag #HAchat (for “health activist chat!) and it’ll ask you to put in your twitter info. From there, you can see a live stream of the chat and join in yourself!

Come with your stories and questions! Remember that awareness is the most valuable tool in supporting each other, diagnosing and helping people, and ultimately, finding a cure!


See you tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Endometriosis Awareness Month TweetChat!

    1. Honestly? Probably the worst tweetchat I’ve hosted. I had some technical difficulties and the turn out was very low. So it was kind of just me self-conciously tweeting to myself for an hour. ^^;

      Ah well. Next year will be better I’m sure. Maybe. I hope.

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