Birth Announcement! It’s a…

No blog update for weeks and weeks? There’s only one explanation…

On January 1st, 2016, I’m proud to announce that my baby finally had a grand debut (having clearly inherited mom and dad’s flair for the dramatic).

So? Is baby new years a boy or a girl?


Introducing Junior! As you can imagine, life is completely different and we’ve all been adjusting to it. I’m just now getting around to the blog and comments and reading your blogs, and things might stay slow around here at least for now.

I do have a thrilling tale of going into labor on New Years Eve and babies almost coming in the car and all sorts of excitingness, so keep an eye out for that! That will either be a very long post or a series of shorter posts, not sure. Readers, do you have a preference?

In the mean time, LOOK HOW CUTE.




So stay tuned!

Oh alright, here’s one more for the road.


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