Black Friday + Good Cause

The “spirit” of Black Friday is…erm, well, not always in the right place, is it?


There is the idea that people can go out and get gifts for their loved ones that they may not normally be able to afford, and that’s nice I suppose. As someone who is going through financial difficulties currently, I can appreciate the dilemma of wanting to get everyone extravagant gifts but not being able to afford it. Sales are a great way to save some money. But if I ever partake in Black Friday, it’s from behind my keyboard at home.

In my family, Black Friday is a day you stay home. Because out there, there be monsters. This is Texas, y’all. People carry guns, and they might want that xbone a lot more than you do. Plus the roads are full of angry, sleep-deprived people. More than usual. Texas roads are already dangerous on the regular.


But like I said, there’s nothing wrong with a good sale! So why not start now? Our Do I Look Sick awareness gear is on sale right now. Raising awareness of invisible illness is always a great cause, but including some of this stuff in a gift to someone struggling with invisible illness? Imagine what that would mean to them!

Just use the code BLACKFRIWEEK at checkout for these awesome deals. Click on the picture to go to that product’s page, or just click here to browse our entire store.

Including a magnet with a regular gift or as a stocking stuffer is a great way to acknowledge someone’s good fight.  They’re 65% off TODAY ONLY (Nov. 25th – ends at midnight). The rest of the deals will continue through the end of the week, but this one is especially for TODAY!


ALL WEEK LONG, you can get 40% off mugs! These make a great gift, especially if you include some herbal tea or hot cocoa mix! This is my personal favorite design in the shop.


20% OFF pillows…


I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels. I’ve got more baby updates coming soon, plus the next episode of the Spoonie Experiment is almost complete! I also have a book review coming up for you soon too, so stay tuned!

I’m truly thankful for each and every one of you who reads, comments, and shares the things I post here. Thank you!

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