The Disneyland Character Gender Guessing Game!

Credit for this fun idea goes to my husband. We booked our trip to Disneyland before we got pregnant, and ended up being in the happiest place on earth at about 19 weeks. We took baby bump pictures for our Christmas card but we weren’t going to announce the gender. We’re keeping it a surprise (and yes, at 30 weeks we still don’t know and our doctor doesn’t know! One ultrasound tech knows and that’s it) so in lieu of taking gender reveal photos, Husband decided we should gather gender guesses from all the characters we met. Sort of like taking a “vote.”

My mom made these beautiful quilted “flags” for us to take and have signed.


Then, at our baby shower, we’d make it a game and see if people could guess what each character would say. Remember, this is Disney, and they not only have very fully developed, three-dimensional characters in their films, but the actors in the park play those characters. Not every princess will vote girl! Our friends are big Disney fans as well, and it was fun to hear their thoughts. And of course, before our trip we had a fair amount of discussions on which character would pick which gender and why.

So now, after a long wait, our baby shower has come and gone, our Disney prize (a rainbow Mickey Mouse lightsaber) has been awarded. So I can FINALLY post our cute pictures and each character’s logic on their choice. 🙂

At the shower we showed a power point with the rules and pictures of each character with numbers, then all the answers.


So up first was Peter Pan!

disneyland gender guessing pregnancy game peter pan

Peter thought that as nice as it would be to have another Lost Boy, it was more important that the world get another mother like Wendy. ❤


Belle went straight for boy. She said she simply “has a soft spot in her heart” for little princes.

disneyland gender guesses pregnancy snow white

Snow White, on the other hand, wanted another little Princess.


And poor Cinderelly. She was truly overwhelmed by this choice. She took a LONG time to pick one. It reminded me of my little sister – she HATES making choices, it’s just too much pressure. Eventually, after a lot of explaining that either one would be truly wonderful, she went with boy. Why? Because her favorite color is blue.


The Dapper Dans, the barbershop quartet that serenades you as you walk down main street, are Husband’s personal heroes. So of COURSE we had to ask them. They unanimously voted “Boy!” and each signed WHILE singing.


Husband also insisted we get our Tour Guide Annamarie to cast her vote during our “Walk in Walt’s Footsteps” tour. She said give me the pink, I’ll always vote girl.

disneyland gender guess pregnancy game anna and elsa

Anna and Elsa took a lot of time to talk this out with us, which was sweet because I know they’re very high demand characters right now. But they never acted like they were in any hurry. They asked us for a detailed family history, how many siblings our parents each had and of what gender. They asked what sort of food I’d been craving – I told them popsicles and ice cream – anything FROZEN. Which wasn’t a lie, I didn’t even realize what I’d said until I said it. Elsa said they might just have ice powers! And she thought, after careful consideration, that it was a magical ice PRINCE. Anna, on the other hand, wanted to see what the other characters had said. When she saw “Tour Guide Annamarie” on the girl flag, she said “Tour Guides know EVERYTHING. It MUST be a girl.”

So of course, these two very different sisters couldn’t agree, but that was ok. We’ll see which one was right (though they did agree that the baby had magical ice powers for sure).


Frozone and Mr. Incredible waved the girl sign out of their way and gave Husband a big pat on the back before signing the Boy flag. Mrs. Incredible, however, stuck with team Girl Power.

disneyland gender guessing game pregnant goofy 56176650070

Goofy gave a definitive point to team Boy right away.

disneyland gender guessing game baby shower buzz and woody

Woody, however, was adamant that it would be a girl. Buzz, not wanting to take the same side as Woody, went with boy.


Husband was really sure he could ask Mater for his vote. I thought that sounded complicated and I was also really tired, so I sat this one out. Husband said to give one honk for a boy, and two for a girl. It took a while to communicate this to Mater, but eventually he gave two loud honks. At the baby shower, this was one everyone got right because they said “Who wants to honk just once?”

gender guessing game baby shower disneyland pluto

Pluto was very excited about this game and proudly chose team girl!

disneyland gender guess game baby shower minnie mouse

This one was pretty obvious, I mean she IS on the flag itself.

disneyland gender guessing game baby shower mickey mouse

And Mickey, too, had to go with his own image. He also gave Husband a congratulatory hand shake and pat on the back, then looked to me and pointed at Husband with a big thumbs up. I agreed.

disneyland gender guessing game baby shower up dug

Dug gave the flags a good sniff before choosing girl, just like Pluto. Do the dogs know something we don’t? He also gave the girl flag a big dog kiss.

disneyland gender guessing game donald duck

And Donald, of course, stuck with team boy. I guess he’s rather fond of his nephews.

And if you’ve been keeping score at home, you probably see that the score is….


And that’s counting the Dapper Dans as one vote, since they made a collective choice. So in other words, the jury’s still out! Boy or girl? We’ll see in about 9 more weeks!

Here are the signatures! But remember that not all of our Disney friends can write, so it’s not everyone. But it’s still cute.

12112077_10153792909270774_584953295070370640_n 12189756_10153792908230774_6128577806708991094_n

And that’s the Disneyland Gender Guessing Game! You could play it if you know the gender too. A lot of the characters wanted to know if they were right or wrong. We’ll have to find a way to tell them!

Just the quickest of side notes: I’m told that Husband’s brother’s fiance is going into labor tonight! So send good thoughts for them! I’m jealous. 9 weeks seems very far away! They’re having a little girl. This makes Husband even more determined for us to have a boy. 😉 We’ll see!

5 thoughts on “The Disneyland Character Gender Guessing Game!

  1. You look great and sound great. This was an awfully fun post! I read every word and caption! Enjoy this last couple months with just you and your husband. Sit in silence by yourself every now and then and listen to it and savor it. You won’t get this time with just you and just you and your husband much again. Motherhood rocks and I’ll be the first to say it, but I’ll also be the first to say that any “me” time is sacrificed in the bloodiest movie scene you can imagine. (You can probably imagine lots more than me! LOL! 🙂 ) So savor this time and anticipation, even in the end when the body starts to hurt and ache so badly. 🙂 Then, savor the rest of your life with the greatest challenge on earth.

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