Coming Soon: The Spoonie Experiment Episode 4

I dropped off the face of the planet recently, but I promise it’s for good reason! I’ve got a brand new episode of the Spoonie Experiment coming your way! And…perhaps a new sub-series?


I’m excited to bring you some thoughts on invisible illness through one of my favorite shows, King of the Hill! Being that I not only live in Texas, but that I currently live in Garland and I grew up in Richardson (the two cities that inspired the fictional “Arlen, Texas” where Hank Hill lives), King of the Hill has always spoken to me on a deep, personal level. It only makes sense that I started seeing themes and morals that directly applied to life with invisible illness — specifically in Texas, but they apply everywhere overall.


I’m working on a review and analysis of one particular episode, “Hank’s Unmentionable Problem” from season 1, but I have a whole slew of episodes noted on my “to blog about” list. So “King of the Spoons” will probably be its own sub-series of the Spoonie Experiment.


I’m super excited about it. But I will warn you that this episode is taking a little longer than usual to put together, mostly due to the fact that I’m six months pregnant. Have I used that excuse too much?


In any case, hang tight! New videos are coming soon!

king of the hill spoons

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