Coming Soon: D23 Convention and Disneyland Pregnancy Guide!

Hello people!

I’m sorry posts have been so sparse lately. Expect things to liven up big time as this weekend I’m leaving for Anaheim once again! This special edition of Chronic Travel Bug will cover two topics that have previously been discussed – namely attending conventions and taking a trip to Disneyland with a chronic illness. But this time, I’ll also get to give you tips on traveling while pregnant!


I don’t think pregnancy should ground you for nine months. Travel is so important and enriching that it’s good for you all the time, even while you’ve got a bun in the oven.

The D23 Expo will be a Disney convention and my first time at such an event. Unlike Dallas Comic Con, this convention will be huge, over the top, with more A list celebrities and things to do than ever before. Much of this event is kept hush hush, and surprises are a big part of D23. Today was full of surprises already, including the surprise appearances of stars like Johnny Depp and Dwanye Johnson and announcements of new movies and park attractions on the horizon. There’s also a ton of exclusive, surprise merchandise each day this weekend. Rumors of exclusive Tsum Tsums and Vinylmations are rampant, and I can’t wait to see for myself.

HOLY SH*T IS THAT SORCERER MICKEY??? (My favorite Disney character) ((FREAKING OUT))
HOLY SH*T IS THAT SORCERER MICKEY??? (My favorite Disney character) ((FREAKING OUT))

Disneyland will also have some special new stuff I haven’t covered before because this year they are celebrating their Diamond Celebration, aka the 60th anniversary of Disneyland park. As such, there are special limited time shows and merchandise in both parks, and I can’t wait to give you the scoop on all of it.

At D23 my husband and I will be debuting a special pregnancy Disney cosplay that we’re very excited about. Cosplay, if you’re new to this term, is just a fancy word for dressing up as a character from a movie, book, TV show, video game, anime, etc. I won’t tell you who we’re “mousequerading” as, but stay tuned for pictures galore.


We’ll also be asking all the characters in the parks to guess if our baby will be a boy or a girl. We’ll be taking pictures with all of them holding a sign to note their guess – a blue Mickey sign for “Boy” and a pink Minnie sign for “Girl.” Which gender do you think your favorite character will pick?

We’re also calling this trip our “maternity shoot.” I’m only 19 weeks pregnant and have a very small, modest bump. But I have no plans to do the half-naked full term photoshoot that has somehow become a thing. No thanks. So this is it – I’ll be showing off my bump at the happiest place on earth with characters, castles, balloons, and probably an impressive array of Disney snacks that I won’t be able to live without once I smell them.


Do you have any questions you hope to have answered about traveling with a chronic illness or a baby bump? What do you want to know about the mysterious D23 convention? Are there any Disneyland secrets you wish I’d revealed last time I was in mouse ears? Let me know in the comments!

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