Pregnancy Update: 5 Months

This quick update will be much more boring than the last, but that’s a good thing. I haven’t had any more bleeding and Baby’s doing great! Since we can’t be certain of the cause for the bleeding when it happened, I’m spending this pregnancy exercise-free and sex-free in addition to all the normal stuff like being alcohol-free and roller-coaster-free (that last bit does sting as we’re heading to Disneyland this weekend).

So I guess that doesn’t sound like much fun, but really it’s all worth it. I’m a lucky mama because I’m already feeling the baby move just about every day. Hubs has gotten to feel it once too! Baby is a real kicker. And it’s lovely to have a little friend who’s tangible that way.

But enough with the blah blah blah, you want to see the pictures!


Here’s a view from the outside – and a cameo from Dudley.


And here’s our little star! You can see each little bone in their spine and their big round noggin. Baby is officially hearing things, though probably mostly me. Still, Daddy will rest his head on my stomach and sing just in case some of it can get through.

And if you CLICK HERE you can check out the video Hubs posted today. I tried to embed it but WordPress doesn’t like Facebook and Hubs doesn’t like YouTube so we’re all just going to have to muddle through.

It starts out with Baby flashing a winning smile. Then we see Baby’s little pot belly, frankly beautiful feet (my feet are gorgeous and my Hubs are hideo– I mean, not as nice –and it looks like Baby got mine), a wee femur, and ends with Baby’s little balled-up fists.

Gender? A reminder for the bazillions of people still asking – we’re waiting until delivery day! It’s pretty good motivation to push, right? A surprise that can’t possibly disappoint. A surprise you know is worth the work – and from what I’ve seen, there’s a LOT of work in that whole birth process.

In parenting news of another sort, my kitten Jadis just got spayed. She then proceeded to pull out a stitch, then run around like a crazy animal until her scar stretched open and bled, so now she’s glued together and stuck in a cone. Oh wait, I almost forgot – she started using THE CONE ITSELF to scratch at the wound, so now she’s stuck in a *taped up* cone.


My friends have suggested that she’s merely doing her part to prepare us for parenthood. Apparently this erratic destruction to both environment and self is a hallmark of the human child. Awesome. Thanks baby Jadis. You’re….you’re something.

10 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 5 Months

  1. Love your sideways pic–delightful baby bump. I’ll pray for you while you’re at Disney Land. Please don’t over do it. Walking is one way to induce labor and you definitely don’t want that happening now. My first baby came 4-6 wks early because I spent about 4 hours walking around with my mom so she could shop.

    1. Oh, I wouldn’t worry at all. Two months is way too early to feel the baby, they’re extremely tiny then. And my breasts didn’t start changing until much later as well. And as for a baby bump, I didn’t really start to see one for real until at least 4 months and even then it’s pretty subtle. 🙂

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