Christmas in July!

Christmas is kind of a big deal in my family. My mom’s birthday is December 28th, and she LOVES Christmas. So of course we’re watching her favorite movie – Elf – today and enjoying some early cheer.


In the spirit of the “season,” everything in the Do I Look Sick Store is 20% off! And since this is a Christmas in July special, our Invisible Illness Awareness ribbon is 60% OFF! Just use the code JLYCHRISTMAS at checkout!

We’re halfway to the holidays, so why not treat yourself? And remember that we need awareness all year long – so this is truly a gift that will keep on giving not only to you, but to the half of Americans that live with a chronic, invisible condition.
Want to know why Christmas is extra special this year? Our little bundle of joy is due January 8th, but it’s entirely possible for them to make their debut as a Christmas baby! Or a New Years baby. Or my mom might get a birthday buddy!
Have a happy weekend and remember to smile – smiling’s my favorite.

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