Here’s To the Illnesses Spell Check Doesn’t Recognize

Most of the time, endometriosis isn’t recognized by autocorrect and spell check. This is kind of a strange drag to me, being a young buck who is very “plugged in.” I don’t need validation from spell check software, but it sure would be nice!


On the upside, it usually recognizes the word “endo.” But I’m pretty sure it’s not recognizing it because it’s short for endometriosis. My parents used to use the word endo, and I grew up saying it too. It was a term tossed around on the boat when we’d all go water skiing. “Endo” was short for “end over end.”

“He freaked out and endo’d!”


It’s a good word, I encourage you to use it. But still, I feel like the 2nd definition should read “Short for endometriosis, a disease of the pelvic area that affects 20% of all women.”

Right now the 2nd definition is marijuana, because I think every word can mean marijuana in some context. Seriously, when you have more slag terms for something than SEX has, it’s time to calm down.

Anyway. What does spell check suggest you might mean if you type “endometriosis?”

How about endomorphisms?


Wtf are endomorphisms? A mathematical term so complicated that my brain went “DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” about three words into the definition.


And that is the ONLY SUGGESTION. And it’s not like endometriosis is a rare disease – it’s one of the more common ones!

But I know I’m not alone in this nonsense. Let’s see what other illnesses spell check wants to help with!

Fibromyalgia? You must mean fibroblast!


Close, but not really close.

Spondylitis? Dispositions!


I don’t even know where that came from.

What about Crohn’s? I think you might mean croons!


Or crowns!


Or maybe Cronin’s!


It’s too bad that Gastroenterologist had a weird name like Crohn and not Cronin.

What about you? Do you have an illness that spell check doesn’t recognize? Does it have any “helpful” suggestions of what it thinks you might be trying to spell? Tell me about it in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Here’s To the Illnesses Spell Check Doesn’t Recognize

  1. I have neuroendocrine cancer, my phone suggests “jurisdictions”! My disease is also known as carcinoid cancer, my phone suggests “carcinogenic” which is at least closer.
    May we all have the best possible outcomes.

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