Shark Robot – Best Place for Nerdy Tees

Taking a quick detour today to tell you guys about this awesome website called Shark Robot! They were totally awesome to me and in return I wanted to give them a shout out on my blog.

Check out my AWESOME Pokemon/Jurassic Park shirt I got from them!


This ladies fit is comfortable, soft, and sturdy. And awesome, obviously. I haven’t snapped a pic of the hubs in his shirt, but here’s the Kingdom Hearts/Legend of Zelda design he went with:


The guys’ shirts are more lightweight but not flimsy. Perfect for summertime!

But aside from awesome shirts and RIDICULOUS prices on clearance and “last chance!” items (I got a shirt for a friend for under $5 WITH SHIPPING once) – why am I telling you to go buy nerdy shirts from Shark Robot right now?

Last Christmas, I bought a shirt for a friend from Shark Robot (the aforementioned amazing deal for under $5). I ordered it in November and was pretty miffed when it didn’t show up in time for the holidays.

Except that actually, it totally did. I’m just an idiot. The package got kicked off our front porch and was nestled safely in our bushes for a month.

But I didn’t know that. So I sent an email and they sent me a refund right away. After the holidays, I realized I’m a moron, found the package a little muddied but the shirt safe and untouched inside, and rushed to email them an apology. I insisted on giving them the money back and they said no, they’re just glad it worked out, and I was left with a free shirt that was already a really good deal to begin with.

So I told them not only would I buy shirts from them all the time, but I’d send them a huge shout out on the blog and thank them because when companies are awesome, especially small companies, they deserve recognition.

So, got a nerdy dad? Need a unique shirt for a summer convention? Can’t resist a good deal?

Hop on over to Shark Robot and give them your money!


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