How to Eat Better for Endometriosis Without Doing Anything Crazy

We all want to eat better and sort of generally know what kinds of things we could do to achieve that. Eat more fruits and veggies, eat less processed food….but with vauge goals like that you’re not really going to end up making big changes. Don’t get me wrong – every serving of fruits and veggies you eat is a good thing! Every time you decide not to buy a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese is a big step. You’re already leaps and bounds ahead of most people.

But maybe you’re like me and your diet has grown up a little but you’re still thinking you could eat a little better. The next level of eating healthy usually looks like Everest compared to your initial “I’m going to start having fresh fruit and granola instead of Lucky Charms every morning.” Things like NEVER EAT SUGAR AGAIN AND YOU’LL BE 100% BETTER or GO GLUTEN FREE AND WALK ON WATER. You know. Huge dietary changes that you have no idea how to implement.

So I’m here to help you! I’ll write it out more like your average health and diet blogger so it seems more official:


But here’s the more honest version:


I’ve done a lot of research and here’s the consensus:

You already know you probably should eat more organic stuff, but it’s expensive and you’re probably also not 100% sure why you need to be eating organic at all. Well, if you have endometriosis or any other illness that centers around a hormonal imbalance, there’s only one area of your life that needs to go organic right away – MEAT and DAIRY.

And I can even tell you why!

A lot of your endometriosis and PCOS and even IBS problems are rooted in your hormones. Hormones are a whacky thing and can make you real miserable real quick. You want to keep them balanced as much as possible, and one really easy dietary change you can make is just buying organic milk instead of regular milk. I used to always buy Horizon brand milk, but it started tasting bad to me. According to the interwebs they switched to some new way of pasteurizing it or something and it affected the taste. I’m a milk snob. I LOVE milk and it has to taste just so. So now I drink the store brand organic milks – 365 Days from Albertsons or Simple Truth from Kroger. Delightful.

Also – I switched from drinking 2% to whole. A lot of the good nutrients in milk get removed along with the fat, and you actually get a lot more of the vitamins, minerals, and “good stuff” if you drink whole.


Same goes with meat, specifically beef. Artificial hormones are actually not allowed in poultry, so you can stick to regular chicken. It’s probably also good to go organic for cheese and eggs – I don’t know how much artificial hormones affects those things but the price difference is pretty small compared to organic vs. not fruits and veggies so I say why not?

I know there’s other options like free-range and cage-free and we’re not talking about that right now. That’s more of an ethics issue. You figure it out for yourself. I’m just telling you what’s specifically helped me with endometriosis.

So see? It’s really simple. You don’t need to cut anything out of your diet or learn to cook an entirely different diet than you’re familiar with or learn to love kale or anything. You’re probably already making healthier choices and thinking more about getting all your food groups into your day. Like I said, we all know that there are about a million ways we could be eating healthier – but if you ask me to make a huge drastic change all at once, I’m bound to fail.


But a simple thing like avoiding artificial hormones by eating organic milk and beef? I can and will do that, and it’s worth the extra pennies. Baby steps like this are the only way I’ll ever form healthier habits. I’ve come a long way from cup ‘o noodles every day to actually cooking meals and eating fresh food.

Similar to the fitspiration movement, the crazy diet movement is so over the top these days that it’s actually pushing people away by setting unrealistic goals and standards that can be downright dangerous. I used to do monthly juice cleanses and I think they can be a good, healthy thing to do — but because I was holding myself to the standards of healthy people who go to extremes, I ended up losing a ton of weight and getting really sick because of IBS. It wasn’t a good “ton of weight” either, it was like people were wondering if I was in chemo therapy weight loss. There are a lot of super extreme fad diets out there, but if you have an illness of any kind, please, PLEASE talk to your doctor before doing anything extreme. Even a three day juice cleanse can be harmful if you have a delicate digestive system.


So be careful. And if you have endo and you’re not a vegetarian or a vegan or lactose-intolerant, just make the switch to organic milk and beef. And ta-da! You did something good for yourself without starving or forcing yourself to love Indian food.

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