Awareness Fabric?

Hey everyone! I need your opinion. The awesome company that hosts our official store has just released a new product that I could create designs for – fabric! 

I’m an avid DIY-er as you can tell from the Do I Look Sick Pinterest, and I can think of some fun crafts I’d like to try with some cute awareness fabric.

It could be a cute accent on a clutch: 

A great pattern for a heating pad: 

Or, for endometiosis awareness in particular, a cute pair of panties! 

(All of the instructions on how to make these are on my Pinterest board “when I get a sewing machine.”)

What do you think? If I designed some awareness-centric patterns, would you be interested in buying some fabric? What about designing your own at Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

6 thoughts on “Awareness Fabric?

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