Winter’s On the Wing

Life is tough. But even on days when I feel at my lowest, and it seems like I can’t find a reason to smile, spring creeps into my bones and makes me glad. Flowers bloom, the rain comes, and warm breezes seem to take away a bit of hopelessness’s power.

But I’m waxing poetic here. Let’s just say “yay springtime!”

I’m in a time of life where more than ever I need medical science to start catching up to me. This blog and all of you are the most powerful thing at my disposal. We need awareness! What can you do?

Well, baby steps. The first thing you can do is small – support me and this cause by sharing this blog or buying some cool awareness gear from our official store!

From now till Thursday, use code SPRING20SALE at checkout to get 20% off your entire order. Inspire someone, give hope, bloom a little!


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