Another Snow Day, Another Sale!

Today Texas has some real snow on the ground, which is a rarity. It’s not ice, it’s like genuine powder that you could make a snowman out of if you were insane and went outside. IT’S FREAKING COLD.

Anyway. This means that I and most of the rest of Texas have the day off, and what better to do than a little online shopping?

So, for a limited time, all the buttons in our store are 50% off!



And all of our sweet awareness t-shirts are 25% off!


And everything else is %20 off!

Just use the code TEEBUTTONFUN at checkout to get all these awesome deals!

I personally won’t be doing any fun online shopping today though.


I’ve been really sick lately so I’ve been at the doctor a lot and that isn’t cheap. Plus, freelance work has a way of drying up all of a sudden, and we’re in a pretty tight money bind right now. I’ve been doing all I can to bring in a little extra, and I was thinking of doing patreon if you guys like the blog and want to support it (and guarantee more regular posts, plus extra fun stuff) OR maybe doing some kind of fundraiser.

Vote in the poll at the end of this post if any of that sounds like something you’d be interested in! For now, you can continue to support me and awareness of invisible illnesses by taking advantage of the sale in our store.

I also want to take a moment on this fine snow day to thank each and every one of you for helping me to become a finalist for the WEGO Health Awards! I’ve been dreaming of this for quite some time and I couldn’t feel more honored and excited to have made the finals!


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