Do I Look Sick Does Interior Design: Family Tree

This is a part of the guest room/office that is really just a junk room right now. Someday it’ll be a baby room, but right now it’s our room of mess. So I can’t show you the entire room. But I have done a little something in there I wanted to share.

So when we moved in to this house, all the light switch panels were….interesting. There’s one of Jesus Christ in the bathroom (of all places!) and there are chickens in the kitchen AND master bedroom – these people loved chickens apparently. But I hadn’t even noticed the one in the guest bedroom until we were doing inspections.


This is how I knew it was meant to be. This is also how we decided that this room, our someday-baby’s room, would be MAGICAL-THEMED. We’ve already installed a wardrobe that’s actually a door to the next room – but that’s a post for another day.

What I want to show you today is something partly Potter-inspired, partly pinterest-inspired, and all awesome. Our very own family tree!


Oh and be jealous of my snitch lamp. 😉

This project was pretty simple – I had some extra brown paint left over from the living room, and I free-handed the whole tree. I was really worried it would look awful but really trees are quite easy to draw. They’re all lines. I drew it on paper first and then just went for it.

The frames were all collected from a local thrift shop and spray-painted to match each other. There were NO round frames to be found so the two circles were clocks and the oval was a shadow-box keepsake type thing. I printed off all the photos on my home printer, and behind the glass you can’t really tell. I may replace them with professional photos someday but for now, I think these are rather charming.

Honestly the hardest part was getting photos of people who don’t have facebook. It’s an easy DIY that adds a lot of character to your home.

Now I just need to fix up the rest of the room and we’ll have a pretty cool space. With PCOS, it looks like we’ve got plenty of time to get someday-baby’s room together. But I wouldn’t mind rushing it if someday-baby decided to hurry up, hint hint ovaries!


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