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Happy Snow Day! 20% off the entire store!

Here in Texas there’s ice on the ground, which means more things are closed than on Christmas day – unless we had some kind of “white Christmas…” but that’s only a legend.

Anyway, I know most states don’t entirely shut down when it rains small ice chips, so I thought I’d share a little Texan joy with y’all and give you 20% off everything in the Do I Look Sick store!

Hurry, it won’t last long!



About rachelmeeks

My name is Rachel Meeks. I have endometriosis, an incurable pain condition, IBS, a digestive illness, and PCOS, which causes irregular periods and infertility. After keeping my illnesses a secret, I started to get upset about how my fellow sick people were being mistreated because of ignorance. I knew that I'd need to stand up, make some noise, wear my heart on my sleeve, and admit that I am not well to make a difference.

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