Pregnancy, Delivery can both cure AND cause endometriosis?

Life is a wacky thing, isn’t it? Pregnancy can, by reshaping the uterus and resetting your hormones, reduce the symptoms associated with endo and sometimes it can even get rid of endometriosis symptoms completely. But that in itself is ironic since endo can make it extremely hard to get pregnant in the first place!

This odd little paradox has been a part of my life for so long that it hardly seems odd anymore – until I learn more and see JUST HOW COMPLICATED this little paradox is!

Check out this article on the cesarean birth. I know the all-natural movement has a lot of people bad-mouthing cesarean birth lately but this is mind-boggling – cesarean birth can actually CAUSE endometriosis by dispensing endometrium in the pelvic region and the wound itself. That endometrium can then become endometriosis, causing extreme pain that if you’re a regular reader here, you probably know all about.

One cesarean delivery doubles your risk of developing endo – good news? Multiple cesarean births don’t seem to raise those odds.

Hey, I’m LOOKING for a silver lining here. I can only work with what I’ve got!

On a slightly unrelated note, my sweet friend just gave birth au natural, no meds. I always kinda thought that since I’m in pain literally all the time that I would immediately accept pain medication because I get it. I’ve felt the pain, it’s not new or exciting and I’m really over it. But there are some benefits to doing it without meds, the most persuasive being (on average) shorter labors. Hmmm….long and not painful or a quick bout of pain? Either way you end up with a baby and will likely never think on the labor as much as you do that prize.

I plan on having a long chat with her on the subject as she’s done it both ways.

What do you think? Isn’t birth a crazy miracle? Isn’t endo a crazy curse? Has pregnancy helped you with endometriosis? Has delivery GIVEN you endo? I want to hear from you! Leave a comment below and tell me your crazy birth stories, statistics, plans, whatever you’ve got.

Hmm…I realize this post isn’t a very balanced summation of cesarean birth, I kinda just say how it’s bad. Are there pros? Ummm….cesareans make pretty babies?

But all babies are pret–

Hmm….do I lie or tell the ugly truth?


12 thoughts on “Pregnancy, Delivery can both cure AND cause endometriosis?

  1. Hello! Sorry I’ve not commented for a thousand years, but now is an excellent time – Penny has a brother now, Edwin. I had severe endo needing surgery to remove before falling pregnant the first time. We intended to have a natural birth but there was ‘failure to progress’ which led to interventions and eventually most of the drugs available ending in a forceps birth (33hrs!). Second pregnancy was a surprise after being told we were infertile the first time – so it seemed endo had not returned, potentially cured by the first pregnancy. Second birth was natural, has only, 11hrs. A million times better. Why? Because of the recovery. I didn’t feel physically destroyed the way I did the first time. My hormones reacted WAY differently when left to their own devices instead of being mixed with drugs. And yes, it was quicker, but that statistically just seems to be the case after the first baby as your body has a better idea of what it’s supposed to do.

    Anyway my two cents is, don’t go drug-free just to be a martyr about it – if the pain isn’t manageable, take the drugs! BUT if you can find ways to get through it (an amazing midwife helps, and we also did a ‘calmbirth’ course), the aftermath is kinder I think.

    We’re stopping at two! The GP recommends a contraceptive called a mirena which is inserted into the uterus and releases a progesterone, but not oestrogen. I asked about my endo history and he said it is what they would advise to treat it now, as it naturally thins the uterine lining anyway. Maybe Google it as my knowledge is pretty vague – it sounded good so I just nodded and took the prescription!

    1. That’s AWESOME! Congrats!!! And great insights on the different kinds of birth – matches up with what my friends who have gone both ways have said too. And I’m so happy to hear that pregnancy helped your endo! That gives me a lot of hope – just gotta manage to get pregnant first! 🙂 So good to hear from you, I missed you lots! ❤

  2. Endo always seemed so strange to me, as the tissue could survive and propagate totally where it did not belong. Natural birth is typically so much easier to recover from. I’m always glad that I didn’t have to have c sexns; many of my friends did. Bummer.

    1. I’m in the wait and see camp. Hoping for a natural birth (if I EVER get pregnant, it’s so hard) but knowing my body I’m expecting something crazy to happen – dunno what. But I think my birth plan will be plan Elsa – let it gooo, let it gooo…. haha

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