I Came, I Pinned, I Did It Myself

Hey everyone! I’m not dead. I am definitely not pregnant, and my body is letting me know it big time, so I’ve been down for the count. I’ve also had a lot of freelance work come up, which is good financially but leaves little time for blogging.

I just wanted to pop in really quickly to tell you all about my “mini blog” I run on the side….sort of. I love cooking and crafts, and there are about a million blogs out there on these subjects that are WAY better than anything I could write. But I love trying out what I do find.

I’ve become a huge pinterest addict, and on my pinterest is a board that I keep as a sort of mini photo blog. Basically I try out ideas on pinterest and I make a little collage of photos showing my results – some good, some total failures. I include links to the good ones so you can try them too! Here’s a little sampling on some of the ideas I’ve tackled lately.

I did this shirt restyle today while I was having my oil changed.


I’ve been trying to teach myself the delicate art of fancy nail-painting…


With mixed success…


And I’ve even learned how to sew!


But there are plenty of fails too.




RIP Pyrex tray.

Be sure to follow my “I Came, I Pinned, I Did It Myself” board for more crafts and activities perfect for us sickly spoonies. And the occasional schadenfreude of seeing me get WAY too ambitious.

12 thoughts on “I Came, I Pinned, I Did It Myself

  1. I’ll follow your Pinterist board ASAP. I can’t get into my account cause I set a new one up accidentally, and need to delete my cookies or something to try and get rid of the old one. Why won’t my brain work sometimes?

    I like the t-shirt. I think maybe you could cut masking tape and use it around or across you nails to get the pattern really perfect. (Not that I paint my nails anymore but I am hanging out to do that!) My Pinterist is the MCS Labyrinth; in case you want to follow me, then i’ll follow you back as soon as I get back in.

    I’m glad you’ve had freelance work 🙂 Me too, I created a website for someone, and now I have a little writing job to do!

    PS: I finished my Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing.

    1. Wow! Such exciting news, congratulations! I’ll look you up on pinterest for sure. Masking tape is a great idea! They always show using scotch but that peels the paint up half the time – I’ll be sure to try it and let you know!

      Have fun freelancing! 🙂

  2. Ha! Ha! Love this! My kids love crafts. I hate them. Wonder if the egg reaction suggests anything. Not saying it does. Just wondering. (I can’t do eggs, and it doesn’t show up on my allergy tests. Just elimination diet.)

    1. I eat a lot of eggs, but I’ve always been extra sensitive to the taste of lemon – I was suspecting the lemon juice and oils might have been the cause for all the burning. Whoooo knows?

  3. Like you, I’m finding it difficult to do my freelance writing–it has a deadline–my novel, which will get done when it gets done; and following all the facebook, blogs & tweets! It’s time to take pills and get dressed. Then I have to do some cleaning & writing!

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