My Husband Has a Cold

My husband is the kind of person that just never gets sick. So when he DOES get sick….

man flu

This whole “man flu” thing is a gazillion times more infuriating if you deal with a chronic illness. I’m sure I’m not perfect, but I know I don’t act that way when I feel bad.

Plus there have been a million posts already about how flu season is THE WORST because everyone is constantly posting about how bad they feel and you’re like “Oh poor you, you’ve been sick a whole week! Well let’s see, I’m going on like NINE YEARS now so…..”

I might just let him go back to work tomorrow. I guess I’d feel bad for all the wives of his coworkers…. but how bad really? That is the question.

(Long “real” posts returning in 2015)

4 thoughts on “My Husband Has a Cold

  1. This post made me laugh so much I feel a tad evil! (I think people get so used to us being sick that they actually think this is how we are. It’s not, and they ought to realise this!) So, yeah! We need to laugh a bit when they carry on so much for being sick just a week or two 🙂

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