Thoughts on Pain Tolerance

Did you all have a nice holiday? I hope so! Mine was lovely, although my husband managed to sprain his ankle 5 hours before the opening night of his Christmas play. He’s been up there dancing every night, but his ankle is looking pretty sad:

sprained ankle bruising

It’s been a very busy weekend full of time with family for me, and I am exhausted. So this will be a mini-post.

My husband’s unfortunate hide and seek injury (yes really) ((and there wasn’t even alcohol involved)) got me thinking about pain and how strange it is.

I consider myself to have a pretty high tolerance for pain. With endometriosis, an emergency oral surgery, and three abdominal surgeries, I’ve experienced a variety of types of pain. Incisions are basically stab wounds, that’s pretty intense. So I feel like little things, like flu aches and headaches are things that I handle really well compared to someone who isn’t used to pain like me. Yup, I’m a hardened sufferer. I’ve got very thick skin. Pain just doesn’t get to me.

Except when it does. Like when we’re leaving a restaurant at night (again, with no alcohol involved even) and I trip over those cement bumper things in the parking lot and scrape my knee. All of my weight fell onto one knee on the concrete, and pardon my french, but I fucking lost it. I screamed bloody murder. I cried at the top of my lungs. I cried all the way home and had NO control over myself at all.

But like, it’s a freaking scraped knee. Wtf.

Pain is weird.

Real posts coming soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

15 thoughts on “Thoughts on Pain Tolerance

  1. I reckon that surprise pain like that that we’re not used to might hurt more because we have to deal with other pain the rest of the time, so when we get extra pain from something stupid like falling over it hurts that much more because our threshold has suddenly changed.

    Totally had that experience of screaming bloody murder over stuff like banging my elbow or getting whacked in the face in a basketball game when I’ll happily sit on the couch when I’m with friends smiling away when my endo pain is at a 7 or 8.

  2. sorry to hear about your man’s injury. as for your lapse in pain tolerance i find myself experiencing a similar phenom. strange how it is the little thing that literally and figuratively brings us to our knees.

    sending you healing thoughts and wish you peace of heart.

  3. I think it’s gotta be an emotional tolerance level. It’s like I’m handling the daily pain, keeping it together, but then, like your fall, I smack my head on a cabinet door and am on the floor sobbing. It feels like *running out* of pain tolerance in those moments. Best, aj

  4. Don’t feel bad. The knees are famous for excruciating levels of pain when they are mishandled. Whacking my kneecap pretty hard on the armrest of a park bench I was trying to jump over was one of the four most painful incidents in my life.

    BTW, for sheer, flat-out pain intensity level, serious burns are the worst–especially for the initial blast that lasts about five seconds (while the burn is destroying your nerves along with other tissues). I once worked as a roofer, and a blob of 400-degree tar landed on the back of my hand. I heard my skin sizzle, my vision went pure brilliant yellow, and I heard my own voice let out a blood-curdling shriek that seemed as if it were coming from another person. Other workers came running when they heard it.

    So what ever you do, don’t ever, ever, ever get burned more than just a little bit. That stuff ain’t no joke!

    1. Heeeey I just re-wrote you the knee story, lol. BRAIN FOG over here. Ignore me!

      I’ve never been really badly burned, and I wouldn’t want to be. My husband’s idiot brother burned himself to create a brand/tattoo type thing LIKE A MORON and he said it was excruciating. ….idiot. >.<

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