Review: The Pillow Fort Magazine

I’ve posted a few times promoting the online Pillow Fort Magazine. I’ve had articles published there a few times, but I am definitely not the only draw. In fact, I’m not even the biggest draw – and that’s coming from me! I love me.

So I wanted to write a little review to both thank The Pillow Fort for hosting me and to encourage all of you to check it out!



So what exactly is The Pillow Fort? It’s a lot of things, actually. It’s an online community, a spoonie-centric store, a blog, and a magazine. I’m going to focus on the magazine here, but I encourage you to check out any aspect that appeals to you!

The Pillow Fort describes itself as “making chronic illness suck less.” It asks “Young(ish) and fed up of wallowy online chronic illness communities?” It’s goal is to build a community and resources that embrace positivity. Many blogs and communities can be full of doom and gloom, but the Pillow Fort endeavors to be cheerful, lighthearted, funny, and encouraging.


Each issue of the magazine only costs a couple of bucks, and they’re well worth it! Each issue has a loose theme like “fun” or “thriving” or “winter.” The articles come from bloggers of all backgrounds from all over the world. The Pillow Fort touts itself as being for young people with chronic illness, and they deliver on that front. The pages are very trendy looking and easy to read, and it focuses on issues specific to younger people struggling with chronic illness – something that is often thought to only affect older people.

The articles are, on average, very good. The weaker ones are usually just not my cup of tea, but they’re almost always well-written. It is edited very well and looks very professional. The articles cover a wide variety of topics, plus there are even ads focused on products that can help with chronic illness. It also features photographers and poets. I really mean it when I say there is something for literally everyone in here.

Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t love reading things on screens. My mother in law printed out the first issue for me and since then I’ve always printed them out at work to read. It’s so relaxing to kick back and read so many positive affirmations of people just like yourself.

I can’t recommend it enough. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Review: The Pillow Fort Magazine

  1. Hi, I found out about your website after reading one of your articles in Pillow Fort Magazine. I’m so glad I saw it since I have Endometriosis and IBS too. I feel like I can identify with what you go through and I’m not the only one going through this. Keep up the great work, I love your blog 🙂

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