Would you like a little cheese with that whine?

Guyyyyyyyssssss. I’m having like, the worst week.


I’ve been doing some freelance work, which is exciting and fun don’t get me wrong, but that means long days in strange places with strange technology that isn’t afraid to torture you into thinking it deleted all your work. It also means a bunch of new people – strangers – an introvert’s worst fear.


I’ve been “undercover” here, and it’s odd. I don’t make a big deal out of being sick at my regular job, but at a temporary place I don’t really want to get all up in the complexities of “Hi, I have an incurable disease…” This means I’ve been sneaking pills like a druggie and calling a doctor appointment a “meeting” I had to go to uptown. I didn’t think it’d be hard to just not be sick for two days but as usual my body has other plans. It was surprisingly hard to keep up my guise of “normal human I swear.”


And what about that “meeting uptown?” My doctor is baffled by me – never a good sign. We ran extensive bloodwork today. I know I’m usually a baby about needles but allow me to be a BIG FAT GIANT BABY about today – this outright HURT. Like damn. I was like “***!*!!!*! THIS IS WHY I’M AFRAID OF NEEDLES, EXACTLY THIS.”


My arm still hurts. And it’s been like 8 hours. And somewhere in there I took pain meds (for regular chronic pain – I’m not THAT big a baby) and it still hurts. I feel justified in whining about it. It also bled a crazy weird amount. I don’t know if this nurse was new (she was new to me) or if we had to take an extra lot of blood or what. But I can see a big fat blue vein sticking up out of my skin where I got stuck, and the visual is adding mental anguish to all the physical pain.



(Results of tests by the end of the week.)

13 thoughts on “Would you like a little cheese with that whine?

  1. I’m sorry that you’re having a bad week. 😦 I understand the whole thing with needles. I’m not really scared of them at this point, but last year the stupid nurse wasn’t paying attention with how she was doing the labwork, and I ended up with a nasty bruise all the way down my forearm for weeks. :/ Sending hugs, positive vibes, and Turtle Power your way! xx

  2. Chin up. You can do this! It is awesome, as a commenter said already, that you’re doing freelance work! I think that is so neat! “Freelance” sounds so cool and professional! Your vein will recover. It will. Keep us posted. And may your day and week be great. No more possible deletions of your work by new machines!

  3. Hugs to you. It’s okay to whine a little bit. Don’t give in or give up.
    I sympathize. For some strange reason, taking my BP has become extremely painful. I never had any trouble then one day–BOOM! Excruciating pain. I have no clue why other than maybe the fibro. You should have heard me at the doctor’s office yesterday. I’m a retired nurse, yet here I am crying because the cuff hurts–like a 30 on a scale of 1-10; like it was being crushed between 2 concrete blocks. She put it on my forearm which was a first. I hoped it might be easier. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.
    Like you, I wanted to appear normal. Hah! the joke was on me. I do some freelance writing for our local magazine. The last thing I need is to discover that I have to interview one of the staff where I cried over the BP cuff. I’ll take a needle over the cuff any day! 🙂

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