Nerd Haven – Do I Look Sick Does Interior Design

Whenever anyone visits our home for the first time, the room that gets the biggest reaction is our game loft/nerd haven.

game room decor nerd geek home

*angels sing*

To be honest, there wasn’t a lot of method to our madness here. We’re suckers for games and toys, and we dumped them all in the loft to create a nerdy getaway from the everyday stressors of life.


Now, when we bought the house, all the shelves there were built in already. We did modify it a bit though. Originally the space in the middle was a small desk. We got that big TV from Hub’s aunt and uncle, and there was no way it was fitting on that little desk. So my carpenter hubby smashed it out with a hammer (obviously necessary. Peaceful removal is for chumps) and built a bigger, more sturdy table and stained it to match the rest of the built ins. You’d never know! And when I say sturdy I mean it – I can stand on it with the TV! And I do – OFTEN. Short people can’t reach those cabinets y’all!

geek nerd decorating home decor game room man cave

And the other bit of actual design that went in to this room was the poster wall. A little background – we were married in a theater, and wanted to keep the stage and movie theme going at the reception, so we got a lot of movie theaters and video stores to donate posters to hang!  When we moved to our little one room apartment, I threw out most of them. Then when we moved this past time, I had another purge. But there were a few I could just not part with. So the poster wall was born! We plan on adding to it as time goes by.

vinylamtion display decor disney home

Then from here on out, the toys take the spotlight. I’ve talked before about Vinylmation, the Mickey Mouse shaped figures that come in blind boxes that you can collect and trade. We’re slightly obsessed. This is only part of the collection – the rest are in the kitchen.


A few blind box ponies we should NEVER HAVE BOUGHT but here we are. I have an extra black Pinkie Pie if anyone’s looking to trade! The little guys are squinkies, the cutest toys EVER. My mom hides them in easter eggs for us, which really raises the stakes on egg hunting.


Mo’ vinyls mo’ problems.

I’m currently working on a giant two-person bean bag for the game room because it does need a bit more seating and giant bean bags are cool. Stay tuned for that! It’s actually pretty much finished we just need to order more stuffing.

pokemon gamer geek nerd home decor ideas disney ninja turtles nintendo mario

We also have all our video games displayed. This is just the retro shelf – it’s the funnest to look at. The Disney figures are for Disney Infinity.

dinosaur toy collection

There was a time the Hubs tried to get me to get rid of my dinosaur collection. A loosing battle I’m afraid.

90s kid toys chaser racer race dalmatian track stairs slides

This gem was a recent Christmas gift. I remember seeing these in malls all the time – I never thought there’d be a day when they weren’t everywhere. I miss you 90’s! So when I saw one in a mall time forgot in Denton, TX, I HAD TO HAVE IT. And Hubby– erm, I mean, Santa– obliged. Now it has a place of honor in the nerd haven.

PLUS IT’S DALMATIANS, which if you couldn’t tell from the multiple dalmatian vinyls, I LOVE. I LOVE LOVE LOVE DALMATIANS.


I really wish there was some kind of puppy rehabilitation program for real life Cruellas because I would commit whatever crime it took to get thrown in that treatment facility.


This is the back view – it opens up to the living room.


And it’s also where we keep our pile of cat. This is her little throne room she oversees the house from.

And that’s the nerd haven! Writing about it makes me want to go curl up up there right now – so I think I will! Toodaloo!

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