Surgery Socks and I’m alright

Hey all – this update will be brief. I got home from the hospital only a couple of hours ago and pretty much slept while waking up long enough to cram some chicken wrap in my face. I often fell asleep mid-chew. I’m exhausted and in agony at the moment so I need to get in bed asap.

I did want to take a moment to thank everyone for the support today. I felt extremely loved.

A couple of days ago, I posted on my personal facebook asking if anyone knew where to get Ninja Turtles socks locally. I had seen some at comic con and really wanted to buy them, but at the time I didn’t know I’d be having surgery soon and I convinced myself that it’s about time to grow out of childish fancies like knee-high cartoon socks.

But one pain medication saturated night, I remembered those socks and suddenly became distraught. I felt like I could not face this operation without ninja turtle socks. My brain was in a state of panic and trying to find an excuse to not go through with the surgery I’m sure.

See, the thing is that when you go in to surgery, you can’t take anyone or anything with you – not even your own clothing. The one exception has always been socks. At my previous two surgeries, I wore my purple argyle knee-highs into the operating room, but now those were old and full of holes. They had been a great comfort to me.

I got an inordinate amount of replies on that facebook post – people googling furiously trying to find some for me. Then last night, my sister stopped by to wish me well. She is out of town today, so she couldn’t be with me on the day of my surgery and dropped off a pack of ninja turtle socks for me. I was so touched! But it didn’t end there. When my husband came back from rehearsal, he, too, had a bundle of socks in tow.

Not one pair between the two of them is a repeat, and they didn’t discuss it at all.

ninja turtle socks

I don’t know what to say except that I wish I had more feet! I ended up wearing a Raphael from each of them.

But it didn’t end there – my husband also surprised me with a cuddle buddy to snuggle with in recovery. For my past two surgeries, I’ve had some toy with me in bed and on the wheelchair ride to the car. This time, I had…

ninja turtles surgery

Raph himself! But it still didn’t stop there. My mother in law surprised me by arriving with another buddy for me.


The Raphael from my FAQ post, which apparently came out TODAY! PLUS she got him PJ’s and slippers, so he’s all ready for surgery too.


I felt so loved. They ended up letting me bring my new stuffed friends into surgery with me!


My doctor laughed when he saw me with them, then said “Is that Raphael?” My doctor knows Ninja Turtles? I have never felt like I was in better hands.

When I woke up, my mother-in-law’s sister had dropped off a ninja turtle stationary set for me as well. And when I got home, my husband had ninja turtle fruit snacks waiting for me. I also found some stunning hand-sewn towels from Katheryn Treat in my mailbox! Along with my free Taco Bell socks I’ve been awaiting for, and two new Vinylmation I ordered. I slept while watching the awesome ninja turtles live action movie from the 90’s.

The surgery went well, and the doctor said he removed a lot more endo than he had in either of the previous surgeries, and we’re confident that once I recover I’ll be feeling much better. Now I just need to recover! The air bubbles trapped in my shoulders are murder. I just took another pain pill and generously applied Icy Hot to the area. Now to go back to sleep.

Thank you all for your prayers and support!

17 thoughts on “Surgery Socks and I’m alright

  1. So proud of you, Rachel! Such a brave girl. I know Toby is taking good care of you.
    Love you!
    AKA Momma Meeks

  2. Aww, the ninja turtles dolls and socks are so cute!! 🙂 You can never be too old for cartoon socks…I wish I had a pair, lol. I’m glad the surgery went well! xx

    1. Well, now that I have them I can attest that they’re EVERYWHERE, haha I see them everywhere I go. They’re in the kids section but as long as they’re not baby socks they’re surprisingly big.

  3. How wonderful! I will make you some Ninja turtle towels if I can find a transfer. Or perhaps trace it from a coloring book that I could then send on to my great nephew who loves all things ninja. I am glad your surgery went well and that you are on the road to recovery. Rest…We will be here when you are ready to resume your blogging.

  4. So glad it went well! Haven’t left comments lately due to time, but I was thinking of you and said some prayers, too! I’m glad your doctor knew Raph. Glad you got lots of socks and love from all! Rest and recover!

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