The Best of DoILookSick / Nerdy Edition

Hello and welcome to all my new followers! If you met me at Dallas Comic Con or you saw our ad, I bet you’re wondering why a health activist chose comic con as an event to promote their blog. I believe my blog is different than other health blogs out there. There are a lot of blogs about chronic illness out there, and if you have a chronic condition it’s easy to find support networks and reading material. But I wanted to reach more than people who were already sick and looking for help. I wanted my blog to be entertaining enough for anyone to enjoy reading. I wanted to write a blog that I would enjoy reading before I got sick. I wanted to connect people who were sick to each other, but also provide a place where they could find not only people with similar illness, but similar interests.

Long before I was a sick girl, I was a nerd. I often write about nerdy topics and tie these fandoms in to my experience with illness. I hope that if you’re new here and trying to figure out what it’s all about that you’ll take a look at some of my favorite posts:

My recap of the Dallas Comic Con day 1 and day 2

My geeky awareness campaign

My list of 5 Superheroes with a Chronic Illness

My top 5 evil doctors

Try filling out my scar meme

Check out my comics

Watch my “animated” review of Spirited Away

A bit about what a huge band geek I am

My sh*t sick people say video

My video review of the cult classic Repo! The Genetic Rock Opera

Check out the winners of my meme contest

My travel guide to Disneyland, California Adventure, and Anaheim, CA

How to play Clue with only two people

And finally, my infamous David Bowie post

I hope you like it here and I hope you’ll scroll to the bottom of this page an follow by email, facebook, twitter, or RSS feed, so we can keep in touch. If you have a blog of your own, leave me a link! I’d love to check it out.

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