Chronic Travel Bug: Dallas Comic Con THE SEQUEL

I originally only planned to go to Comic Con for one day, and before I get in to my epic return, let’s talk about how many days you should plan to go. Of course money will be a big factor as you decide how many days you’d like to attend a particular convention. But aside from that, how much time will you need?

I mentioned that I didn’t attend any panels or Q&As. I did, however, devote a lot of my time to filming with Cosplay with Me. According to Dallas Fan Girl, the length of an average panel plus the time you’ll need to wait in line to get in can be about 2 to 4 hours of your day, which is comparable to how much time I spent filming. So was one Friday enough to experience a panel and see all there is to see?

At the end of the day Friday I was satisfied. Comic Con was open from 4 to 9, and I got there just a little after it opened and had time to look around before we started filming. We filmed for a little over three hours, and I had about an hour to walk around after we were done. Did I see everything? No. But I felt pretty good about the stuff I did. My only regret upon leaving was not getting to get a better look in the Artist’s Alley, which I had been excited about because I knew a lot of the people I love on DeviantART would be there. Other than that, I got to see a lot of cool things, meet a lot of cool people, and buy a good assortment of cool stuff. I felt like one half-day was plenty of time especially for a first timer. I was definitely worn out and satisfied by the end of the day.

That being said, I’m really glad I got a chance to go back on Sunday. I knew where all the things I had missed seeing before were, and I got to see more awesome costumes and meet more awesome people. I’d say that two days is awesome if you’re feeling ambitious, but I don’t think I’d personally want to do more than that. By the end of the day Sunday I was definitely Comic-Conned-out. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had just rested on Saturday, but I attended a charity ball that night that zapped a lot of my energy. But if I hadn’t gone to the ball, I wouldn’t have gone back to comic con either.

It’s all thanks to these little earrings that I went back.


These were the only thing I bought that were not featured in my Day 1 post. I wore them for the rest of the day and decided to wear them to Wish Night, a charity gala for the Make a Wish of North Texas. My dress was red anyway.

I got compliments on my earrings all night, and before I could say where I’d gotten them people would ask if I had been to Comic Con. When we sat down at our table, a friend of my dad’s sat next to me. I introduced myself and he said he liked my earrings, then asked if I’d been to Comic Con. I said yes and he asked if I’d seen him there. He said he was one of the featured artists. My inner fan girl shoved my inner introvert aside. Who was this guy? His name is Scott Harben, but I knew him by his art, and you do, too. He’s an official artist for George Lucas, among many other prestigious titles.

By now, my inner introvert had gotten up and wrangled in my inner fangirl. I tried really, really hard to play it cool. But I just had to snap one creeper photo.


Then I played it cool the rest of the night. Sort of. Maybe. We talked about everything from Star Wars to parenting, and he even bestowed upon my husband and I a little marriage advice. Then he said that if we came back to the Con, he’d give us a free print. So away we went!


The first thing we saw upon arrival was the cutest, sweetest couple of little girls dressed as Thor and Loki. Loki wouldn’t stop crying. And it was perfect.

On the first day of comic con, I sported an official Do I Look Sick t-shirt. I’m glad I did, but I was still a little disappointed that I didn’t get to cosplay or dress in my best geek-wear. If I was going to go back, I was going in style. It was way too last-minute to put together a proper cosplay, but I did have my famous hamster suit.

My husband recently played Linus in a local theater’s production of Snoopy the Musical, so he grabbed his blanket and re-created the hand-drawn shirt he wore for the performance. He looked awesome! But sadly, no one asked to take a picture with him. He was pretty disappointed. Be sure to leave some comments saying how awesome he looked to cheer him up!

linus cosplay costume adult

After we bought our tickets, I saw something that made my heart flutter.

Raphael comic con dallas ninja turtles tmnt

Raphael! THE BEST NINJA TURTLE. Apparently all four were at the convention, but I just happened to find him. Be still my fangirling heart. He was being mobbed for photos, poor guy. I’m glad I managed to snag one, but I do wish he looked a bit happier. Ah well. Raph is supposed to be brooding, right? I could have kissed him. Already coming back for a second day was completely worth it. Check out the rest of the TMNT crew here!

scott harben dallas comic con guest artist

After that we made a beeline to my new friend’s table. His art is AMAZING and you’ve got to check it out on his website. I just started watching the Clone Wars TV series and was very excited to hear that he’d worked on some designs regarding Ahsoka’s future. Sadly, Disney’s put an end to that story arc, and we’ll probably never know Ahsoka’s fate – BUT! Scott has a beautiful piece of concept art showing her wielding two red lightsabers… That’s as good as cannon for me!

My favorite piece I saw was this amazing print of Mr. Incredible. It was so unexpected, realistic, yet true to the Pixar style, and just an awesome piece of art. Scott was kind enough to sign it and hand it to me right then and there! When I stepped behind his table to snap a photo I told him I felt like such a VIP, to which he assured me, “you are!”

He also gave me two buttons – he said a buddy of his tipped him off that another vendor had stolen his artwork. When he confronted the thief, they handed over all the buttons they had featuring his art. This is becoming more and more common, so always be aware when you’re buying products, especially buttons or T-shirts, and try to be sure they’re licensed to sell that art. I thought it was pretty cool to get these reclaimed pirated buttons. Scott’s a pretty intimidating guy, I bet the vendor was scared silly. These bootleg buttons will also be a part of an upcoming givaway, so stay tuned!


You can see my sweet Mr. Incredible print there along with all the other awesome treasures I found on my second day! There’s an adorable Heartless plushie from my favorite RPG – Kingdom Hearts. I also went back to see my new “brochet” friend Revvy and bought the first issue of his original comic book The Dope Fiends. You can read more about this unique artist on my Day 1 post. You’ll also notice my awesome new prayer candles – “Birth,” depicting the “Birth of Venus,” except it’s now the “Birth of Chewbacca,” and “Trap,” depicting Saint Akbar. Check out more of their designs here! I was smitten with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Pikachu shirt on day 1, bought it on day 2, and then immediately found a Squirtle version that made a gazillion times more sense, but I already made my choices. It’s okay though, Pikachus are adorable and the Raphael one is all angry so I’m happy. Finally, I bought two more toys – a small figure of Photo Finish, my favorite background pony, and a pretty rare vinylmation that I totally stole for $3. I’m a huge vinylmation collector and I hear so many stories of people finding figures for a couple of bucks here and there and I’ve always hoped to stumble upon one! My wish was granted.

And of course I went on another exciting cosplay safari!

dallas comic con team rocket


I again went around getting cosplayers to hold my “Do I Look Sick?” sign. The idea behind this photo series is that cosplayers are a great visual for understanding the nature of invisible illness. For instance, these lovely ladies are dressed as Team Rocket, but I know that they’re not really part of an evil corporation that steals and abuses pokemon. I don’t equate my observance of them to be my knowledge of them – and with more awareness, invisible illness can be this way, too. The fact that I look healthy shouldn’t make people assume I’m a liar or just lazy when I say I’m chronically ill.



This Belle was AWESOME. She was the most in-character cosplayer I met the entire weekend. I asked what she was reading and she excitedly told me it was The Illiad, and went on to say which part she was at and how she couldn’t wait to finish it. My husband and I gushed all day about how she was just as good and sweet as the “real” princesses in Disneyland – and it turns out, it’s because she actually used to work in the Disney parks! She was kind enough to find me on facebook and talk to me about the sign and the blog. It turns out she also has an invisible illness! Statistics say that 1 in 2 people in America have some kind of chronic, invisible illness, so odds are half the cosplayers on this page do. Would you have guessed Belle was one of them? I think she’d approve if I used the cliche “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Be sure to check out her other AMAZING costumes here!


And look! I found a twinsie! My hamster sister from another mister.



A stunning Maleficent. You can see I was getting lazier with asking people to hold the sign and opting to hold it myself. I was really beat by this point.


zoidburg dallas comic con


I could get excited about Zoidburg though. It was hard to tell if he was going “Whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop” everywhere he went, or if that was just a collective response of the crowds around him.

disney princesses else merida ariel dallas comic con


Three little princesses I ran in to. Very impressed with their costumes.

dallas comic con dark link


This Dark Link was so awesome looking and really nice and really, really attractive. I’m just saying.

mega man dallas comic con


Mega Man was a pretty impressive costume.

dallas fan girl comic con hawkeye


And I FINALLY found Laura, aka The Dallas Fan Girl. She was sporting her Lady Hawkeye cosplay and looking fabulous! I was seriously beginning to wonder if we’d ever find her. This convention was HUGE. I had a lot of friends who I knew were there somewhere, but I never did find. Once I found Laura, though, I threw in the towel on picture-taking. We had fun walking around and seeing the sights until the convention closed and we dragged ourselves home. I’m really glad I found Laura because it is 100% thanks to her that I was there at all. Be sure to follow her blog because she is amazing and super friendly and does all kinds of giveaways and is, in short, awesome.


Stay tuned! In the next few days I’ll be announcing a special Comic Con giveaway right here and you won’t want to miss it!

In conclusion, the thing that surprised me most about comic con was how many friends I made. I’m not a social person and I do not make new friends, but here, things were different. It was almost like being back in high school, where you wound up in a group of people who all had one thing in common like band or theater, and you were friends just because you were together. All these people liked the stuff I liked and wanted to take pictures with me and be friends. Many of them have already reached out to me on social media and continued to talk about things we have in common. Before I went, I sort of thought comic con would be like a really crazy shopping trip with some photo ops thrown in. It was. But I came home with ten times as many new friends as I did new toys. For me, that’s a big deal. If you’ve never been to a convention before, put it on your bucket list. Everyone should do it at least once.

P.S. – know any of the awesome cosplayers or vendors shown here? Let me know in the comments so I can link them up!

13 thoughts on “Chronic Travel Bug: Dallas Comic Con THE SEQUEL

  1. You do look stunning in the dress, but I also really love the hamster costume! Your husband’s Linus costume is very good too. Wait, so those two girls are NOT part of an evil corporation that wants to hurt Pokemon? LOL, good analogy though. Everyone needs to change their definition of what sick looks like. Anyway, hopefully I should be receiving your posts again. I will see what’s up with mine. :-/

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