Do I Look Geeky?

So a couple of posts ago I mentioned that Do I Look Sick will be running it’s first ever print ad in a magazine called Samaze that will be handed out at such hallowed events as Dallas Comic Con. I’m really excited about this opportunity to spread awareness and connect with geek culture. Do I Look Sick is fraught with comic book references, a million gifs and memes, and even the two Spoonie Experiment reviews are geeky – a cult classic and an anime. And episode 3 will be Hitchhiker’s Guide – geeks will love it here.

the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy review spoonie experiment

This is all thanks to my sweet friend Dallas Fan Girl, who put out a call for ads and encouraged me to go for it even though I was a little worried it would just be too random. But hey, if half of you got here by googling for David Bowie, then maybe I just need to embrace randomness already. Anyway, it was by no means a calculated move, I just did what I’ve always done with this blog and my awareness campaign: I created content that the old unaware me would be interested in and (most importantly) entertained by.

darth maul girl female gender bender maullie

Being a huge geek myself, the thought of having the audience of COMIC CON at my disposal is squee-inducing. But while I am technically a professional in the advertising industry, the thought of crafting my own ad was intimidating. How could I capture both the educational side and fun side of this blog all in 1/8 of a page? I knew it needed to be visual, because who reads ads? I’m IN THE INDUSTRY and I don’t. But I’m also not an artist. I took a few moments to think. What would catch my eye? At comic con? So I took my blog’s colors and fonts and, knowing I was being featured alongside cosplay ads, came up with a slogan. Throw in some easy to draw silhouettes and symbolic color highlights and you get….


And then I was like dang, that actually came out pretty cool.

Then when my husband saw it he said “That needs to be on a t-shirt.”

Ta da!

What do you guys think? Does it speak to the jedi/wizard/superhero/sailor scout inside you? Is there anything else you’d like to see this design on?

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