Possible Emergency

emergency invisible illness meme doctor i hope you feel bad when I die compassion

Recently my doctor got a new receptionist that I’m not too fond of. 

All credit for the punch line goes to my Mom.

I’m having some issues getting my wacom tablet to work, so I apologize for the scribbly stick drawings. I had to draw with a mouse, guys. First world problems. Anyways I won’t draw on this computer anymore, so only nice comics from now on. I promise.

10 thoughts on “Possible Emergency

  1. I love your wiggly stick people. I have hated receptionists, and loved receptionists……they all need to be nice polite robots. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. the last office i called the nurses message said ” i will call you at MY earliest convenience.” i wondered – what about my convenience? the drawings are great, i love them!

  3. Oh I remember when my daughter was very little. She had severe asthma. I would call in and the receptionist would tell me to bring in at 4 when I called in at 8 saying how bad her breathing was. Once I got to the doctor’s office at my late afternoon appointment. He asked me why I had waited so long to bring her in. I told him to go ask his receptionist.

    The next time I called with problems, I was asked by this receptionist, does she need to come in right away or can it wait until later in the afternoon. I know she got chewed out because my daughter ended up in the hospital.

    1. That is so weird that she even needed chewing out – if someone can’t breathe, shouldn’t that be a red flag that it’s an emergency situation? Common sense!

  4. I find this very frustrating myself. Sorry you had it happen. The cartoon drawings were great to me! No apologies needed! But I’m not so advanced. Hope you’re better from what needed tended at the doctors?

    1. Yup. It turned out to not be an emergency, though I only found that out by going in of course. 😉 However I did express my frustration to my doctor and the receptionist actually (sort of) apologized and said she’d misunderstood (what? Me asking a question? Misunderstood, or didn’t listen in the first place? Ah well.) so hopefully she’ll be more attentive in the future.

  5. This reminded me of when I had to call the company i’d bought insurance from for my flight to Washington the week Drew died. I was supposed to go up and visit him the following week. So about three days (THREE DAYS) after he died I somehow call the travel insurance co and do you know what they tell me? Without skipping a beat – without even an “I’m sorry” They say to me… “The insurance only covers if you die or if someone who is going with you on the trip dies”…. I nearly screamed into the phone “BUT THE PERSON I WAS GOING TO SEE IS DEAD!!!
    They never budged. Nor showed a wink of compassion. I gave in and just called the airline back to get a portion of the ticket back (which they did easily and with compassion, thank you Southwest!) Soul less people!

    1. I can’t even believe that! WHAT THE FUCK? I mean really, seriously, that is awful. AWFUL. I’m glad Southwest was understanding at least! I’m floored, really, I have no words. I want to hit them.

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