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Many Illnesses, All Invisible

Hey guys! So as you know I spent some time creating an “invisible illness” awareness ribbon to show on some products. Today I played with adding color to it, to represent just how many invisible illnesses there are while still uniting them in one symbol. Here it is on a magnet:

What do you guys think? I’ve got yellow on there for endometriosis, orange for M.S., purple for lupus and fibromyalgia, dark blue for arthritis, dark green for depression, light green for lyme disease, and light blue for PTSD and Trigeminal neuralgia. There are about a billion other colors and actually each of the colors shown have a billion other diseases they represent – for instance, when I looked up the spelling of trigeminal neuralgia just now, I saw the dark blue also represents autoimmune disorders. So yay, that’s in there too! And actually grey, which I have for “invisibleness” is also the color of mental illness awareness and brain tumor awareness. So hopefully there’s a color on there that stands for just about everyone!

This design will also be available in the store on postage stamps as soon as it gets through the approval process for that. I figured that was a quick and easy way to raise awareness, plus the perfect stamp for get well/care packages for your spoonie friends! I know a lot of you send sweet cards and gifts when your friends are particularly ill – I know because you’ve sent me so many wonderful things when I’ve gone in to surgery and stuff! So hopefully some of you will be interested in stamps. To my younger friends – yes, we still use snail mail sometimes! 😉

If you like this design, please let me know what else you’d like to see it on!


About rachelmeeks

My name is Rachel Meeks. I have endometriosis, an incurable pain condition, IBS, a digestive illness, and PCOS, which causes irregular periods and infertility. After keeping my illnesses a secret, I started to get upset about how my fellow sick people were being mistreated because of ignorance. I knew that I'd need to stand up, make some noise, wear my heart on my sleeve, and admit that I am not well to make a difference.

11 responses to “Many Illnesses, All Invisible

  1. mcsgal

    I like it. What about a magnetic decal for a car.

  2. endohope

    We use completely different colours in the UK – however purple is being adopted here as the colour for disability 🙂

    • Really? That’s so weird! I know here in the US we also share a lot of colors – for instance the yellow ribbon stands for endo awareness but also support for our military. So it can be confusing lol.

  3. Seems like you got the colors covered! I’d like a coffee mug.

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