THANK YOU / An Update on Dudley

We got such a swift response to our call for help and I am so, SO grateful for that! We went to the surgeon today for a consultation and got nothing but good news.

Everyone in the surgery center fell in love with him right away (and they had plenty of time since the surgeon was over an hour late seeing us). The surgeon said that looking at these x-rays the injury looked years old. I said he wasn’t years old himself so how could that be? He said looking at his bones wear and tear he has to be more like 2 or 3 years old, as the shelter initially thought.

This means that the break is healed. Is it healed perfectly? No. But it’s not a danger to him and he’s not in a lot of pain. He gets uncomfortable but never yelps. So the surgeon said to keep him on pain medication for the arthritis to encourage him to use the leg and build muscle. It turns out all those things that worried me so like climbing stairs and jumping up to give hugs are actually really good for him. We have a physical therapy plan that should stave off any more atrophy.

When I asked about bone marrow poisoning, he said that if it was going to happen it would have already happened, plus it’s really only a high risk to humans – rarely happens to dogs. “What’s that book, A Separate Peace?” he said and I was like “OMG YES THAT’S WHAT MADE ME SO SCARED.”

The surgery that was recommended by our vet is a definite no-go. He said that the goal of that would be to get him about as happy and mobile as he already is. So is Dudley out of the woods? Not quite yet. If the atrophy worsens then our vet is right, he won’t bounce back from that. If that happens we’ll have to do a total hip replacement, which is over double the costs we estimated for this. So please keep him in your prayers while we exercise and try to reverse the damage.

If you were kind enough to donate to help I’ll be contacting you soon to see what you’d like to do. I want to thank all of you for helping me get through this, my nerves are so shot right now. What emotional highs and lows! I’m just so thankful he’s happy right now, and not in as much pain as I feared.

Mimi is starting to kinda like him, and she hasn’t even had to give him a swipe. Dudley adores Mimi but has learned to be calm and cool about it. All is well.

Spoonies with arthritis – any tips for Dudley? ๐Ÿ™‚

10 thoughts on “THANK YOU / An Update on Dudley

    1. We’re so happy too! He’s doing much better. He has good days and bad days of course, which I can certainly relate to. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Today’s a good day.


    1. Thanks so much!!! We got your card! ๐Ÿ™‚ Dudley’s getting stronger every day! He’s finally to an ideal weight and is strong enough to start physical therapy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I don’t know anything really about animals, but as I was learning about nutrition for myself, I stumbled across owners who changed their dog’s diets as they changed their own! It makes sense! I guess many of those dog foods have grains in them and such. Makes NO sense to feed a dog grains and fillers. Dogs deserve “WHOLE FOODS” appropriate to them too! So happy for him. What a sweet guy!

    1. Yeah the vet didn’t give us exact guidelines on what to feed him, except for the regular no chocolate, no grapes, no onions, normal dog nonos. There’s a prescription diet he’s about to go on for his bones, which I don’t think we have a ton of choice on since it has the medicine in the food. But it shouldn’t be forever. Up till now they said if he’ll eat, feed him because he was soo underweight. So we literally bought everything – canned, kibble, wet, dry, and lots of people food. He only just now reached his healthy weight, which is a huge relief. He looked so sad with his ribs poking out! But we’ll be going to the doc soon to get the prescription food and get some more info one doggie dieting. I didn’t know about the onions – so apparently there’s a lot to learn!

  3. Oh thank goodness. I do so hope the physical therapy helps!

    I’m wondering if swimming might help him? I know some dogs just hate to swim while others love it, but after my hip surgery the water therapy did so much good. I really built up muscle without weight bearing on my hip so I wasn’t in pain.

    Sandy was an older dog and we did have her on food that was good for her bones and such. Innova was the brand, it’s expensive, but it sure made a difference in her life.

    good luck again!

    1. The vet suggested swimming too. Now that he’s finally not underweight we’re going to look in to that. We’ve bathed him in the tub but it’s hard to tell if he’s a swimmer or not. We’ll be finding out soon!

      We’re still in the process of trying different brands of food, thanks for the recommendation! We’ll be sure to give it a try.

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