Feeling pretty good for feeling bad

I’m having a wild day y’all. Health-wise, I’m doing very poorly. I’m in a lot of pain and running very low on energy. But for some reason, my spirits are up. I woke up feeling sick but happy. It’s not the weather, ’cause it’s freezing here. It’s not the time, ’cause it’s just Wednesday. There’s no good reason to be happy, I just am.

I did buy a new shirt today. Thrift store, $4. Nice button up work shirt. Maybe that’s it. Sometimes a small purchase just for yourself is a huge pick me up.

So I thought I’d give all you spoonies a chance to do the same if you’re feeling not so well. Today only, use the code WILDWEDDEAL2 at checkout to get 20% off everything in the store.

Whether you’re a spoonie or not, you can rock this “Do I Look Sick?” key chain. Let’s get the word out that EVERYONE looks sick, and no one can tell just by looking who is and who isn’t.


Happy Wednesday! I hope that whether you feel well or not, you’re happy.

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