Like Illness, Fabulousness isn’t just skin-deep

I’ve already mentioned that I love February. Even though my birthday and valentines and anniversary have passed, we still have a little February left to love. 🙂 So behold! I brought back an older keychain design that was pretty popular when I first opened up shop.

I love it because it’s small, easily worn every day, and a great conversation-starter. Plus, it’s more affordable than a t-shirt!

To make it even more affordable, use the code FABRUARYSALE at checkout – because February is FABULOUS! This will get you 15% off everything in the store. Plus, if you do want a more expensive item like a t-shirt or that pretty necklace, those are all 30% off with the same code!

CLICK HERE to shop now!

And because I know you’re all fabulous on the inside, too, I wanted to clarify exactly how this shop supports me and my blog. I by no means make a ton of money – just a small royalty on each product sold. Since the amount is very small, I save it up in it’s own account to hold contest, buy prizes, and set up giveaways! So that means it all comes back to you!

Plus, if you browse other shops on zazzle, but you started by clicking on my link, you can buy ANYTHING and I’ll get a small referral credit! So if you happen upon a cute Mickey Mouse t-shirt, that supports me too as long as you began by clicking on my link.

I’m currently working on an exciting new video for you guys, but as soon as that’s done I have some really cool ideas for contests and giveaways, and every little bit helps!

Thanks guys! Have a fabulous rest of February!

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