I’m Raising Awareness for my Human!

You guys seemed to really like the “1 in 2 Humans” pet shirt, so here’s another one!

And I have news! The blog’s been rather quiet these past few days as I celebrated my birthday on Sunday. Now that we finally have a house, I really really wanted to get a dog. I’ve always had dogs and always feel safer with a dog around. So it is with much excitement that I introduce Dudley, my new forever friend!

We picked him up from the shelter yesterday! He’s about a year and a half old, lab/shar pei/golden retriever mix, and just the sweetest guy. He was stray and is still dangerously underweight, and he’s got a little bit of a limp. He’s also very shy – except around us! As soon as we met he was wagging his tail and laying his head in our laps. He picked us more than we picked him.

So in honor of my ickle duddykins, I’m extending the PRESIDENTWKD sale until midnight tonight. Dudley definitely needs a doggie awareness shirt – and I bet your furry friend needs one too!

8 thoughts on “I’m Raising Awareness for my Human!

      1. Thanks so much! Dudley’s definitely ruling our house. Does 1 year old count as a puppy? Haha puppies are HARD, good luck with yours!

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