1 in 2 Humans Have a Chronic, Invisible Illness

If you’re a crazy pet parent like I am, you know that buying clothes for your pet is even funner than buying clothes for yourself! Not wanting to leave our furry friends out of the awareness effort, I’ve created some awareness swag especially for the four-legged activists. I think I can safely say that Do I Look Sick is the ONLY place where you can find awareness products for your pets, so don’t miss this great deal!

These shirts are great for dogs or cats. My cat gives it two paws up!


Admittedly she doesn’t really like wearing clothes ever, but this is actually her favorite outfit. There’s no uncomfortable Velcro and she actually leaves it on instead of burrowing out of it.

From now until the 17th, you can get 15% off your entire order from the Do I Look Sick store using the code PRESIDENTWKND at checkout. I really, REALLY love Abraham Lincoln, so I couldn’t help but kick off the Presidents Weekend Sale early. This one’s for you, Abe!


11 thoughts on “1 in 2 Humans Have a Chronic, Invisible Illness

  1. My kitties don’t even like a blanket on top of them so I don’t imagine the sweaters would be a big hit. But your kitty certainly looks cute. As someone with MCS, I applaud your mission to bring awareness to chronic invisible illnesses. Have a great day. 😀

    1. For sure! It it totally weird to have pet clothes but not children’s clothes? I’ve aways felt weird approaching the idea of kids raising awareness – maybe it’ll come easier when I actually have kids.

  2. How on earth did you get a cat to wear a shirt? That’s pretty amazing. My dear departed kitty would definitely have clawed me to death before he’d allow me to put a shirt on him.

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