The Season of Love

Valentines Day is one of my most favoritest holidays because my birthday is in the same week! So mid-February I just get showered with love for a few days. I enjoy that.

I do NOT enjoy randomly coming down with a cold! I am glad, though, that it skipped my anniversary. Yesterday my husband and I celebrated 7 years together. Then I couldn’t sleep last night and halfway through the workday today I started feeling like death. I’m too mostly dead right now to write a proper blog post, but I do have some goodies for you.

First, by popular demand, a Spoon Life T-shirt!

And the cherry on top – use the code SEASONOFLOVE to get 30% off from now until midnight tonight!

That means that if you want this for Valentines you have to start dropping some major hints for the next 4 hours. Or just cut out the middle man and put your partner’s name in the “from” slot. If I’ve learned anything from the Simpsons, it’s that sometimes a gift for yourself if exactly what the other person really wanted.

Fun fact – at our wedding we played Seasons of Love from RENT for the processional.

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