Illness Saved My Sex Life

Recently one of my favorite blogs – Hearing Elmo – posted a call for bloggers with illness to write on the subject of illness and intimacy. A big thank you to Denise for featuring my thoughts on her wonderful blog!

Hearing Elmo

I cannot remember who found “who” first. Rachel Meeks and I have exchanged emails and virtual “high fives” for a couple of years now. She is the talented and witty author/owner of “Do I Look Sick?”. You can check out her blog here:  Rachel has a knack for telling things like it really is. Folks with invisible illness and disability have trouble articulating what it is like to live “this way”. Rachel doesn’t have that problem and welcomes dialogue and comments on her blog. Recently, SEX was discussed here at Hearing Elmo. Even folks without disability or invisible illness shy away from the topic. Not us. It is Rachel’s – and my own – hope, that by openly talking about this topic, people may discover they are not alone and that there are others who deal with the same issues. Hearing Elmo, welcomes Rachel as a guest author…

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4 thoughts on “Illness Saved My Sex Life

  1. Oh, Kathryn, you have it also? Sorry to hear. I’ve had it for years, ;my last surgery was in 2009. Rachel, great topic, and one not discussed enough among endo patients and doctors. Someone should really write a book about having a fulfilling sex life with endo and other painful conditions. I think everyone feels that pressure to have that perfect TV sex, and I think having endo makes it so much worse because then you feel defective. Just another one of the 20 gazillion ways women are encouraged to hate themselves…

    1. VERY well put – it’s just one more unnecessary way to feel inadequate. I’ve never had eating disorders or dyed my hair blonde so I thought I was above those womanly pressures – not at all! There’s just too many to not have at least a few get to you.

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