Invisible Awareness Ribbon

Hey guys! TGIF. I only barely made it through this week. Obviously moving in has been difficult. I ended my last post saying to keep your fingers crossed that I could get a hot shower. I didn’t. I stayed up until 2 AM trying to make it happen. I even tried boiling water for a shallow bath – but when I poured it into the tub, it cooled back to icy by the time I finished pouring! So it was a rough night. It also didn’t help that despite the heater being turned up to 80, the house stayed under 60 degrees all night long.

It also didn’t help that hubby got a quick hot shower and went right to sleep just before I wanted to shower and began my mostly sleepless night of freezing. Men.

Don’t worry, he’ll get a redemption post later because he’s been amazing through this whole move. But at the moment I hate him.

And I really love this house, too. But at the moment I also really hate it. Come to think of it I hate everything.

Everything but sleep. And warmth.


In honor of it FINALLY being Friday, I’m having a little sale in our official store. Everything will be 20% off until 7:00 tonight (PT)! Just use the code ZTGIFSPECIAL at checkout. This is perfect, because I just posted a few new products with the Invisible Illness Invisible Awareness Ribbon! Let’s make this a thing! This ribbon stands for any condition that cannot be seen just by looking at a person. My favorite piece is this pretty necklace:

We also have a cute tote bag:

and of course, a t-shirt!

Check it out and enjoy your Friday!

11 thoughts on “Invisible Awareness Ribbon

  1. Good luck, and I hope your water comes on soon! I was just thinking about one of your posts because there’s a debate about the ACA and birth-control pills on a talk show I’m watching. I’m here yelling, “BUT IT’S MEDICATION TOO, IDIOTS” at the TV. I yell at the TV a little too much, especially on that topic and when they say Medicare is only for “seniors” and forget disabled people. :/

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