An Interview With Myself

Hello all. We need to catch up. Let me take a moment to answer some questions.

Firstly, the house hunt is over. We have signed contracts on our soon to be home, and we’ll be closing on Friday and painting all weekend so that hopefully we can get all moved in by the end of the month. Here’s a sneaky peek:


We couldn’t be happier!

More exciting news – I have once again been graced with the Liebster award, this time by Miche from The Labyrinth. You can see my nominees here. What I love most about this award is that each time you receive it, the person who nominated you gets to ask you five questions. Here are Miche’s questions for me, along with my answers.

  • What is your favourite movie? I have so much trouble choosing, but probably my number one is The Prestige. It took me completely off guard. I’ve never seen another film like it, and I could watch it over and over again and see new things each time.

  • Do you have a hero, and if so, who would that be? And why? Hmm. I have lots of heroes. Syd Field, who wrote the Bible on screenwriting, recently passed away which really killed a part of my soul. His book taught me how to do what I’ve always wanted to do – write movies. And that has given me endless joy. Rest in Peace. I deeply regret never getting to meet him.


  • If you had the money to make a difference, what would you do, and why? I’d really like to set up a health organization that offers support specifically for people with chronic illness. I’ve discussed the sort of office I’d love to create for universities and schools here, but I’d also love to set up that kind of network in hospitals too. I’d love to work as a “supporter” for people in the hospital. Moral support, someone to hold people’s hand while they have blood drawn, someone to answer “silly” questions in a way that doctors can’t. Nothing has done me more good than talking to other health bloggers. I can ask them about minor issues that maybe I don’t want to spend the time and money to ask a doctor. They can advise on if it’s serious or just a common side effect of one of my conditions or medications. But not everyone will seek help online, and I wish there was a similar in person network available all over the world. I’d work all that out and make it a thing.

empathy ted talk animation quote

  • What is your best achievement–so far? I don’t know. People think I’m really interesting but I don’t really. I was really excited to be named “Best Undergrad Poet” at my university. It always feels good to be considered “the best” something. I got married when I was 20 and no, it wasn’t because I was pregnant or anything. I feel like having a successful marriage is a big accomplishment nowadays, and kind of impressive for two people who are so young. This blog is starting to be what I hoped it would, but it’s not a very big accomplishment yet. This question is making me feel like a loser, let’s move on.


  • If you could have anything in the world, what would it be? Enough money to be a work from home writer and a stay at home mom. Does that count? Hmm. If not, then a really good agent who would sell my scripts and therefore achieve the aforementioned dream life.

And since this post is a mismash of information with no solid theme, I’m just going to go ahead and post the radio play my husband and I voice act for – The Theater in Your Mind. My husband stars in this one, so it’s a big deal.

And finally, I’m going to end with a question for you! I’ve been keeping this blog ad-free for a little while, and I’m wondering if any of you care one way or the other.

Feel free to elaborate in the comments!

9 thoughts on “An Interview With Myself

  1. Ads don’t bother me much at all unless the load time for the page takes too long. Then I don’t visit.

    I am SO happy about your house! Good luck with it all! Have fun painting (but don’t overpush yourself). I learned from a friend that you can stick your paint brush or roller in a plastic bag/baggie and seal it up/wrap a rubberband tightly around the handle so that you can stop painting and resume the next day without all the paint clean-up each day. Otherwise, I always killed myself into the wee hours of the night trying to get it all done. You probably knew this trick.

    From the other side, I think your wish for anything in the world is good. Sometimes I miss work, but I find a challenge in about any endeavor so I’m good.

    “Pshaw” on your personal thoughts on your accomplishments so far. You do great work. Don’t steal that from yourself.


    1. Thank you SO much for the painting tip!!! I’ve helped my parents a little with painting but never done it myself, so I need all the tips I can get!

      I can’t imagine missing work, haha. I just want to write and write what I want. And play with babies. I don’t think I’d ever miss the office haha. But that’s easy to say now.

      Thanks so much for the kind works and imput on the site! Hugs hugs hugs!

  2. Hi Rachel – I too have endometriosis and IBS and only recently realised that a connection has been made between the two. For years doctors told me that there was no connection so it is interesting to see that you have both. Good luck with all you are doing!

    1. I’ve always been told there’s no connection but I meet more and more girls who have both! When you start looking in to how many hormones are secreted in the intestines, you start to realize how much of what you think happens in your brain happens in your gut – so it does kind of make sense! I hope there’s eventually a treatment for both at once!

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