Look Deeper

You can never tell by just looking at a person who they are  or what they’re going through. This is so much more than “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

We need a lot more awareness for invisible illnesses. So many people have no idea.

That’s why I love this shirt designed by Tosha from Bottled Time.

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I hope you’re all doing well. Ice has covered Texas and all but shut it down. I’ve been curled up happily by the fireside with electricity and hot water but that’s not the case for everyone. This is day 2 of our “icepocalypse” and most grocery stores are totally empty.

I know a lot of people make fun of us Texans for freaking out about snow and ice, but cut us some slack. We were really never meant to deal with it. You wouldn’t make fun of any other desert creature for being completely inept to deal with an ice storm, would you?

Mimi doesn’t like the snow either.

I hope you’re all warm and safe today! And as always, I hope you’re AWAP – as well as possible.

7 thoughts on “Look Deeper

  1. So true about what’s inside, people often comment when they see me out that I look great. Yeah I suppose I do I’m well enough to be seen in public, they should stop by the house sometime when I’m not fit for the social awkwardness of PD in public spaces. Or see how it feels to be on max pain meds and still be at a 7-8 threshold. Anyhow be safe be warm we here are socket in as well. I’m off to…. Yes you guessed it the pharmacy.

    1. Yes! I wish I remembered the exact quote but I once read an article about the student-teacher relationship and chronic illness, and the student said something like teachers may see you multiple times a week but they never see you when you’re at your worst. You only go out when you’re fit to. No one sees the sickest because that’s when you’re at home in bed alone!

  2. Very true! I hate the idea that you need to ‘prove’ that your sick. It’s almost as if people view the world so negatively that they would think people would prefer to not live fully!

    1. Yeah. I love being stuck in bed all day and in a medication haze when I’m not. People think it’s like being on vacation – it’s not! Pretty sure they don’t enjoy having the flu, why would we prefer “the flu experience” 24/7?

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