Dragon Loyalty Award

I’ve always liked the sound of this award even though it really makes no sense. In all the lore I’m familiar with, dragons aren’t particularly loyal. Still, it sounds cool.

A scincere thanks to Kathryn from Allergic to Life for the nomination! Have you seen the interview we did with her?

This award is very simple. It is given to loyal fans/commenters, whether they have a blog of their own or not. To accept, I have to list 7 interesting things about myself, and then nominate 15 of my own loyal readers.

7 Absolutely Fascinating Things About Me:

1. Vicodin either makes me really hyper or really sleepy. Guess which one it is today?

2. I have been on the Today show. I was interviewed as a child after designing some artwork for the Make a Wish foundation, which had given my family a trip to Disney World after my sister had multiple surgeries for a brain tumor at age 5.

3. I have endometriosis, IBS, and collateral depression. I write about all invisible illnesses, but people often ask what I specifically live with.

4. I’m married and we’re both currently living with my parents. Buying a house is too complicated. On Dec. 10 we’ll find out if we’ll fiiiiinally be approved for a loan. If not, then we get to start all over again, wee!

5. I have a cat. She’s so fat that she was once mistaken for multiple cats by a vet.

6. My favorite “holiday” movie is the old stop motion Jack Frost – even though it’s less about Christmas and more about Groundhogs Day.

7. This year for Christmas I want riding boots and a Rainbow Dash cutie mark sticker for my car.

And here are the 15 loyal readers that I’d like to recognize and thank:

1. My husband. He’s abandoned his blog, but he’s always been my most loyal reader.

2. Sonda from MCS Chatter

3. The Home Schooling Doctor

4. The Labyrinth

5. Mo from Day by Day with the Addison Girl

6. My family – I really appreciate when they read this stuff. πŸ™‚

7. Our Last Embryo

8. Quirky Writing Corner

9. Jumping Jenny at My Fibrotastic Life

10. Pappusanath – my new twitter friend at @pappusanath

11. Of Dreams and Tears

12. Tersia Burger

13. The Allergista

14. Hearing Elmo

15. Katie, my other new twitter friend @lifechallaccept

And thank you to all the wonderful people who read and like and comment here. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to notify my nominees because if you guessed “sleepy” on fact #1, you win! Though I do feel kind of hyper at the same time…

I’d also like to thank Jumping Jenny for the WordPress Family award. You can see my nominees for thathere.

Thanks again to all of you. I’ve got some great posts in the works for you, and I think it’s about time for another contest soon, don’t you? πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Dragon Loyalty Award

  1. Those are some interesting facts! I hope, hope, hope that the loan approval process goes through!–And that cat! LOL!

    The picture for the award is nice. I like it.

    Your loyal follower πŸ™‚

    Terri at The HSD

    1. Snowfall….at first I thought you meant in the real world – TX is an icy mess right now. But do you mean on the blog? Not sure how to control it… I’ll look in to it for you though. In the mean time, email versions are plain jane for your convenience! πŸ™‚

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