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My Illness isn’t Invisible, it Just Blends In

I’m so excited, zazzle is hosting a HUGE sale today only! 50% off all the shirts in my store! Profits still go towards raising awareness, plus Christmas is coming soon!

Use the code HOLIDAYSMADE to get your great deals!

In honor of this awesome random Wenesday of savings, I updated the Camo Illness T-shirt for you!

Because many of our illnesses are masters of camouflage.

Happy Wednesday!


About rachelmeeks

My name is Rachel Meeks. I have endometriosis, an incurable pain condition, IBS, a digestive illness, and PCOS, which causes irregular periods and infertility. After keeping my illnesses a secret, I started to get upset about how my fellow sick people were being mistreated because of ignorance. I knew that I'd need to stand up, make some noise, wear my heart on my sleeve, and admit that I am not well to make a difference.

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